Community Initiatives for Climate Resilience

Integrated agriculture, duck rearing and aquaculture is a popular adaptive practice in Shyamnagar

Integrated agriculture, duck rearing and aquaculture is a po ... , Shyamnagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh © LEDARS, 2013


Reducing vulnerability of 60 farmers in Burigoalini and Arpangasia villages of Burigoalini union by adopting climate change adaptive crop cultivation. 


Due to salinity increase, expansion of shrimp farm, climatic disaster, sea level rise, moon precipitation, agricultural production of farmers are decreasing day by day. From ancient time a large number of marginal people, peasant and land less people survive through agriculture. But squeezing agricultural production is causing a huge unemployment in the Sundarbans region.

Target beneficiaries

Benefits to be created by the project:

  • 60 climate change vulnerable farmers will directly involved with this project gaining knowledge and experience in climate adaptive agriculture production,
  • A saline tolerant cropping and water management system will be developed in this climate fragile area  which may be replicated by others in future,
  • 60 families will get direct services from the project obtaining training and equipments and other related support for agriculture.

 The project beneficiaries are

  • 60 Farmers who have at least 10 decimal land to maximum 1.5 acre of lands,
  • Tiger widows/women headed farmer families in the target area

Livelihood linkage:

The project has linkage with livelihoods through increase in agricultural productions, reducing food insecurity, cutting expenses of living costs and creating demonstration effects etc



  • 2 agricultural demonstration plots and 1 embankment plantation plots established
  • At least 18 ponds averaging 5000 cft dogged for water conservation of agriculture
  • Equipment support provided to at least 60 farmers for adaptive agriculture


Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Climate Change: The project will directly work with climate vulnerable people to reduce climatic vulnerability in agriculture sector. Adopting climate change adaptive agriculture will ultimately help the farmers comprehend climate variability (temperature, rainfall) and the extreme events. This project will change the behavior of the farmers in favour of preserving nature. 

 Gender Equality: The project is designed to increase participation of women in agriculture sector. Under this project LEDARS will engage women, women headed families specially tiger widows through support for demonstration plots and all other equipments. Thus LEDARS will try to establish gender equality through the project.

Communications: The project will develop some communication materials, like project brochure, leaflets on adaptive agriculture, flip chart and wall hanging banner, folders, etc. 

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Project Facts



Burigoalini and Arpangasia villages of Shyamnagar upazilla



20th Sep 2013 to 19th Mar 2015

MFF Grant Amount

BDT 1,000,000

Implementing Partner

Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS)

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