Climate change


Climate change (CC) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) are both major themes in strengthening resilience to environmental change. Building on its earlier work, MFF is scaling up and integrating these two themes through enhanced National Strategy and Action Plans, large demonstration projects, and Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation guidelines. Another focus of activity is pilot testing of relevant coastal CC and DRR tools and methodologies, delivered through courses forming part of the larger training programme on project cycle management for NCB members, partners and coastal managers.

MFF is also supporting the implementation of climate change activities through larger projects, as well as regional-based research on the role of mangroves and other coastal ecosystems in the carbon cycle. Field experiences and lessons in building resilience are being synthesized and shared across the region and globally through MFF’s knowledge platform.

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Water resource management interventions in Delft Island published in the Sunday Times of 21.5.2017.    

Mangroves against the storm

Global 16 Nov 2017

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Featured Film - Returning mangroves to Tanjung Panjang

Returning mangroves to Tanjung Panjang, Indonesia © IUCN, 2018

Mangrove forests worldwide have been vanishing at astonishing rates. Tanjung Panjang, Indonesia, which has lost over 60% of its mangroves in the last 3 decades, exemplifies this trend. The creation of aquaculture in nature reserves has in part led to this decrease in mangrove cover. With the help of IUCN's Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology (ROAM), local experts and several NGOs are working with current land users and the local government to restore forest landscapes and strive for a more sustainable future.

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  • Harvesting fish from the IMFFS ponds, Mudasalodai village, Tamil Nadu
  • Early stages of mangrove growth, Thailand
  • Residents from Perseverance island are benefiting from a series of training session that includes rainwater harvesting, gardening (as pictured), composting and food processing. This will not only help them to prepare for droughts, but also improve food and nutrition security through home gardening © Elka Talma - MFF/IUCN
  • Samsuri and mangrove saplings planted as part of the MFF Small Grant Facility (SGF) project
  • A goat kid investigates a man planting a fruit tree sapling along the bank of the Sabkhali Canal
  •  Mangrove saplings at the Bangkeao plantation site
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