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Sri Lanka announces nationwide protection for mangrove forests

Colombo, Sri Lanka 12 May 2015

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Coastal Governance

MFF NCB member Sudeesa (formerly known as Small Fishers Federation of Lanka), US based NGO Seacology and the government launch The Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, a joint program that will make Sri Lanka "the first nation in the world to com...    

Keeping the future of Hammerhead sharks alive

Mahe, Seychelles 30 Apr 2015

Country: Seychelles

Topic: Strategies for Management

The Scalloped hammerhead shark is one of three species of hammerheads known to occur in Seychelles waters. A survey in 2013 showed that it was the second most common species caught in Seychelles artisanal fishery of all sharks caught. For artisanal ...    

National Coordination Body on Mangroves for Future calls for action to restore health of our oceans

New Delhi, India 15 Apr 2015

Country: India

Topic: Coastal Governance

Mangroves for Future is a regional initiative to restore Mangroves across 11 countries including India. This programme is steered by respective Governments in association with scientific institutions, private sector, and international organizations. ...    

Building opportunities for fisher-women in Tamil Nadu: the power of micro-financing

Ramnathapuram, Tamil Nadu 23 Mar 2015

Country: India

Topic: Civil Society Engagement, Community Resilence, Gender equality ...

Up to 87% of the poorest households in India do not have access to credit; 380 million are in need of microfinance services. Unequal education opportunities and access to business prospects has resulted in stunted economic security, particularly amon...    

Empowering women: a win for the environment and humanity

08 Mar 2015

Country: Asia Region, Viet Nam

Topic: Gender equality

In a small village near Xuan Thuy National Park in Vietnam, Pham Thi Kim Phuong starts her day at 4:00 am, preparing food for the family and for the cattle. Before the sun rises, she bikes seven kilometres to the mudflats by the park’s mangroves. The...    


Gleaning lessons from mangroves and climate change component of MFF in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Viet Nam

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam 1 Jun - 04 Jun 2015

The workshop will bring together MFF stakeholders, project managers, and grantees to review the successes, challenges, lessons learned, and best practice from implementing MFF activities focusing on mangroves and climate...    

5th Postgraduate Certificate Course on Integrated Coastal Management

Bangkok, Thailand 8 Jun - 29 Jul 2015

Mangroves for the Future Initiative (MFF) in partnership with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), will offer the 5th Postgraduate Certificate Course on Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) from June 8 to July 29, 201...    

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