The MFF Regional Secretariat was established in August 2007 in Bangkok and is located within IUCN’s Asia Regional Office premises. The Regional Secretariat is responsible for programme development and coordination to ensure the smooth running of the initiative in close consultation with MFF member country and institutional partner representatives.

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Dr Steen ChristensenMFF Coordinator

MFF Coordinator

Dr Steen Christensen is the Coordinator of the Mangroves for the Future (MFF) initiative and as such has the overall responsibility for the MFF Secretariat and particular responsibilities to provide support to the MFF Regional Steering Committee and liaising with its working groups; liaising with the MFF partners and overseeing the coordination, learning, monitoring and evaluation, communications and reporting between the Secretariat and MFF project management units and individual projects; overseeing the external communications and knowledge products of MFF; ensuring the timely delivery of reports and communications with MFF donors; and facilitating the provision of technical assistance to the MFF initiative and its projects.

Steen has more than 25 years of experience working with multidisciplinary programmes relating to management of aquatic resources and ecosystems in Europe, Africa, Greenland and South and Southeast Asia. He has worked as an associate professor with the Danish Institute for Fisheries Economics, University of South Jutland (DIFER), and as a senior research scientist with the Institute of Aquatic Resources, the Danish Technical University (DTU-Aqua). Steen has also worked as a Chief Technical Adviser to Danida in a Fisheries Management Programme in Vietnam, as Senior Advisor to the Mekong River Commission in a fisheries valuation programme and in various EU funded projects in Southeast Asia since 1999.

Steen holds a M.Sc in Biology from the University of Aarhus Denmark, a PhD in Resource Economics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and a Masters in Disaster Risk Management from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tel: +66 2 662 4029 Ext.144



ResizedImage196240 maeve

MFF Capacity Development Manager

Ms Maeve Nightingale is the Capacity Development Manager for MFF. She leads the capacity development programme which aims to contribute to the growing need for qualified coastal practitioners by building a strong cadre of coastal managers and policy makers with the knowledge, tools and skills to design and implement sustainable Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) programmes for countries in the region.

Maeve joined MFF in February 2013 having lead IUCN’s Coastal and Marine Programme under the Ecosystems and Livelihood Group since August 2007. During this time she managed several large coastal management projects in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia, and provided technical support for a number of IUCN and MFF projects in multiple other countries.

Maeve holds a BSc degree in Marine and Freshwater Ecology from the University of London Queen Mary College and an MSc in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture from the University of Bangor, North Wales. Before joining IUCN, she worked in the field of coastal ecosystems management for 13 years, through various government, non-government, and international development organizations in the UK, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Ghana.

Tel: +66 2 662 4029 Ext. 158



MFF Programme Manager, Knowledge and Sustainability 

Mr Alex McWilliam is the Programme Manager for Knowledge and Sustainability at MFF.  Alex oversees the implementation of the MFF knowledge and information management activities to ensure effective pathways for transforming lessons and analysis into desired impact upon policy and practice. Alex began working with IUCN and the MFF team in April 2017.

During the last 11 years working with international conservation organisations in South East Asia, Alex progressed from field based project implementation to senior roles managing country programmes that encompass landscape scale conservation initiatives, species-specific management programs, and regional cross cutting issues. He has extensive experience working in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary settings facilitating knowledge management processes, and establishing partnerships to maintain and institutionalise programme outcomes.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from the Australian National University, Australia.

Tel: +66 2 662 4029 Ext. 


ResizedImage178237 Nat

MFF Programme Officer

Ms Nathisha Pattrom brings over 15 years of experience in working with the private sector and the hotel industry and in the field of public relations, as personal assistant and executive secretary. Before joining MFF, she worked with Philip Morris (Thailand) and PepsiCo. She holds a BA in Economics, from  the Faculty of International Trade - University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). She holds an MBA from Khon Kaen University Thailand, and her thesis focused on creating shared values in business organizations, in terms of creating competitive advantage, economic value and social value in the communities where businesses are located.

Tel: +66 2 662 4029 Ext. 222



MFF Programme Assistant (Private Sector Engagement, Gender Integration, Knowledge Management and Communication)

Ms Helene Marre is the second Programme Assistant of the MFF Initiative, working under the overall guidance of Manager Capacity Development to undertake priority activities related to private sector engagement, knowledge management and communications as well as gender integration. Her work at the Secretariat level will involve supporting MFF countries in the process. Helene started working for IUCN in May 2016.

Helene Marre has over 5 years experience in various domains. She started as an International Project Assistant in a non-profit Institute in Germany to produce Master-Plans (renewable energy, waste and wastewater treatment) for targeted regions in Europe and Africa. Then she entered a consulting office in Luxembourg specialised in funding acquisition for renewable energy and environment-related projects. Parallel to her consulting job, Helene was teaching a Fundraising Seminar.

Helene holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics from Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany; a second Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Metz, France. She also holds a double Master’s degree in International Material Flow Management (M.Engineering) from Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany and International Cooperation Policy (M. Science) from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan.

+66 2 662 4029 Ext. 150

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