Coastal Governance


In order to address the wide range of issues and needs related to coastal and marine environments, a holistic approach towards their governance is essential. This involves adoption of dynamic and multidisciplinary systems like integrated coastal management (ICM) that converge ecosystem protection and sustainable development.

ICM is now a widely recognized concept based on the belief that ecological integrity and economic growth should go hand in hand. MFF adheres to this underlying philosophy and promotes it through its programme of work.

Each MFF country is unique in its institutional, legal and policy structures based on specific interests, needs and circumstances. MFF efforts in countries focus on finding appropriate ways to allow collaborative action and integrated approaches to management in achieving long term regional level results.

MFF vision is that of a more healthy, prosperous and secure future for all sections of coastal populations with resilient communities, conserved ecosystems and sustainable development.

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Programmes of WorkActions/OutputsContribution to results
11. Supporting national integrated coastal management programmes 
  1. Assessment of national institutional mechanisms and programmes for ICM in order to identify and operationalise appropriate, inclusive and sustainable governance mechanisms for MFF.

  2. In India, support to the operations of state-level coastal zone management authorities.

  3. In Indonesia, support to the finalisation of ICM legislation and plans for its implementation, capacity building to enable the development of Provincial and District level ICM arrangements, support to the implementation of the National Mangrove Ecosystem Management Strategy, with particular emphasis on Aceh Province.

  4. In Maldives, support to the development of measures and mechanisms for inter-sectoral coordination in integrated coastal management.

  5. In Seychelles, support to the revision of policy and legislation on coastal development to reflect ecosystem concerns.

  6. In Sri Lanka, support to inter-sectoral mechanisms for integrated coastal zone management through the Coast Conservation Department.

  7. In Thailand, continued support to the development and implementation of Promotion of Marine and Coastal Resources Management Act and National Coastal and Marine Policy.


  • More effective institutions and mechanisms for cooperation in coastal ecosystem management

  • More effective policy, legal and institutional mechanisms for inter-sectoral coordination in environmental aspects of coastal management

  • Increased prioritisation of coastal ecosystem management across national development agendas, policies and budgets

  • Increased and more effective investment of funds in coastal ecosystem management

  • Improved participation in, support for, and benefit from, ecosystem conservation among coastal dwellers, especially women

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Mangroves for the Future: A look back, Asia Region © Mangroves for the Future, 2018

MFF video for the end of Phase 3

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