MFF Viet Nam Small Grants 2013

MFF Call for Proposals 2013

Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam . 8th Feb 2013 to 15th Mar 2013

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is pleased to announce the launch of a Small Grant Facility (SGF) in the coastal districts of Ben Tre and Tra Vinh Provinces. MFF is a partnership-led initiative to promote investment in coastal ecosystems ( The SGF supports local community action for the conservation and management of coastal ecosystems with the objective to realize the potential of mangroves and other coastal vegetation for climate change adaptation and mitigation. SGF projects should ensure the participation of women and other disadvantaged groups, at least at a demonstration scale. 

Budget: Applicants can apply for grants of up to US$25,000. 

Implementation period: 12-18 months

Project location: SGF will be implemented in the three coastal districts in Ben Tre (Binh Dai, Ba Tri, Thanh Phu) and in one coastal district in Tra Vinh (Duyen Hai. These four districts are vulnerable to sea level rise. The SGF will reduce vulnerability by supporting activities that result in improved land use and natural resource planning and management, particularly mangrove restoration and sustainable aquaculture.

Thematic focus

This call for proposals targets the following themes:

  1. Improving mangrove polyculture systems, including but not limited to introducing high-value aquaculture species, training of potential aquaculture farmers on farm design, on-farm earthworks and water control structures; and piloting the use of macro-algae to improve water quality and improve income;
  2. Demonstration of regeneration of mangroves and other coastal vegetation in high erosion or sandy areas, including advice on species selection, planting techniques, and post-planting care and increasing the productivity of multi-species mangrove nursery;
  3. Develop community-based ecotourism at the Thanh Phu Nature Reserve that targets poor women-headed and mangrove-dependent households;
  4. Support government partners (e.g., Women’s Union) to train community-level communicators to raise awareness on environmental change and adaptation options;
    1. Develop a community-based environmental monitoring system that provides the community information to respond to environmental trends and extreme events.


Proposals can be submitted by NGOs, CBOs, research centers, educational and research institutions, and governmental agencies with operations in Vietnam that meet the following criteria:

  • Are registered, preferably for at least three years (see Annex 2);
  • Have demonstrated working experience in Ben Tre and/or Tra Vinh;
  • Have a proven or strong potential capacity to implement community-based projects;
  • Have a proven record of working with local communities in a participatory way;
    • Can demonstrate experience in project management and financial administration;

Government agencies that apply should do in partnership with NGOs, CBOs, research centers, and/or educational and research institutions.

Selection process

Applicants should submit a project concept note (see Annex 1) in Vietnamese or English. Annexes 1 and 2 are available at If requested, MFF staff can support applicants to prepare a concept note. Short-listed applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Please note that an invitation to submit a full proposal is no guarantee that it will be financially supported by MFF. Applicants should send concept notes to: Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, MFF Project Manager, IUCN Project Office, 2nd floor, 268A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3, HCMC, email: The deadline is 17:00 Friday March 15, 2013.

Annex 1: MFF MCC SGF concept note template

IMPORTANT: The length of the concept note should not exceed 2 pages (excluding Annex 2 “information on implementing organisations”).

Project title:

Proposed project duration:

Geographic area of the proposed project:

Project concept

What is the problem to be solved/the situation to be improved?

What are the main causes of this problem?

Which of these causes does the project address and what is the rationale behind this choice?

Where does the project concept originate from?

Is there any other organizations implementing similar projects in the project area?

What would be the project’s objectives, main activities and main results?

How are the project success measured?

Relevance to MFF

In what way does the project contribute to the restoration, sustainable management or conservation of coastal ecosystems?

Management structure

How will the project be managed?

Other partners involved?

Total project budget:


Requested grant from MFF:


Co-financing (if any):

Annex 2: Information about applicant

Please fill in this form and send it with the concept note.


1. Project title:

2. Name of organisation:

3. Address details

Mailing address:




Website (if applicable):

Visiting address:

4. Mission and goals of your organisation:

5. Registration status (including registration number):

6. Date of creation:

7. Staff:

- Number of paid staffs:

- Number of voluntaries:

- Number of female staff (excluding secretariat and other support staff):

8. Contact person and project personnel:

- Contact person (name, professional background, and current function):

- Project personnel (for each member of the project personnel, indicate: name, professional background, and current function):

9. Other projects already implemented or currently being implemented by your organisation in fields relevant to the programme (do not list proposed projects):

For each project indicate: project title, period of implementation, project leader, budget, donor, contact person within donor agency).

10. References / referees

Please indicate here the name, function, address, telephone and e-mail of persons who can be contacted for reference information.  (Please only indicate persons who are NOT directly involved in your organisation).







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