Sri Lanka Call for Project Concept Notes July 2015

Location: Jaffna Peninsula and Delft Island, Sri Lanka. 9th Jul 2015 to 23rd Jul 2015

MFF is a partnership-led regional initiative chaired by IUCN and UNDP to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. MFF focuses on the role of healthy, well-managed coastal ecosystems as a contribution to building human resilience in ecosystem dependent coastal communities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Although MFF uses mangroves as a flagship ecosystem, it is inclusive of all coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, sandy beaches, sea grasses and wetlands. The National Steering Committee (NSC) of Sri Lanka, chaired by the Ministry in charge of the subject of Environment on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka, provides overall guidance and technical oversight to MFF in Sri Lanka. IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Sri Lanka Country Office, provides secretariat support to the NSC in MFF project implementation, including small grants.  

Grant conditions:

NGOs, CBOs, academic and research institutes, small-scale community businesses and management boards are invited to submit project concept notes for Small Grants. Proponents should be based in the geographic focus areas or have previous experience in working in the said areas. Maximum grant amount is Rs 2,000,000. Project duration is 12 months.  Proposals must indicate integration of gender aspects in project activities.  Geographic focus areas for these grants are the Coastal areas in Jaffna Peninsula and Delft Island.

Thematic focus:  

  1. Introduction of sustainable livelihood options (other than fishing) for coastal resource-dependent communities with a view to building economic resilience and reducing pressures on coastal resources (e.g., homestead agricultural production, tourism etc.) - Delft Island, Coastal areas of Jaffna peninsula;
  2. Mapping and ecological restoration of ponds /water holes including improvements to surrounding habitat and livelihoods of communities -Delft Island, Coastal areas of Jaffna peninsula;
  3. Promotion of water resources management that will alleviate water-shortage related issues of coastal communities and livelihoods (eg: rainwater harvesting, technologies that improve  water use efficiency and water recycling) -Delft Island; and
  4. Determining the extent of pollution in the Jaffna Lagoon and adoption of pollution management practice/s.

Information on guidelines and templates:

General guidelines for MFF Grant Facilities can be found at <>, and Sri Lanka- specific conditions for SGF Projects including the Annex  2 and Annex 10  templates at <>.


Must be addressed to MFF Sri Lanka Small Grants Officer, by email, and/or by post through IUCN Sri Lanka, 53, Horton Place, Colombo 7 (Fax: 011 2682470; TP: 011 2682418 ext 317). More information can be obtained from the MFF Sri Lanka Small Grants Officer and from

The deadline of submission is 16.30 (Colombo time), July 23, 2015. Late submissions will not be considered. Only short-listed applicants will be notified. 

A view from the mouth of Thondamanaru Lagoon, Sri Lanka (c) IUCN

A view from the mouth of Thondamanaru Lagoon, Sri Lanka (c) ... , Sri Lanka © IUCN, 2014

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