Call for Project Concept Note - Sri Lanka

Location: Sri Lanka. 11th Feb 2014 to 25th Feb 2014

MFF is a partnership-led regional initiative chaired by IUCN and UNDP to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. MFF focuses on the role of healthy, well-managed coastal ecosystems as a contribution to building human resilience in ecosystem dependent coastal communities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Pakistan, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. The initiative uses mangroves as a flagship ecosystem, but MFF is inclusive of all coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, sandy beaches, sea grasses and wetlands. The National Steering Committee (NSC) of Sri Lanka, chaired by the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka, provides overall guidance and technical oversight to MFF in Sri Lanka. IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Sri Lanka Country Office, provides secretariat support to the NSC.

Eligible applicants, grant amount, and project duration: MFF Sri Lanka invites NGOs, CBOs, academic and research institutes, small scale businesses, management boards and enterprises to submit project concept notes for its Small Grant Facility. The maximum grant amount is Rs 2,000,000. Project duration is 12 months.


Geographic and Thematic Focus: Manalkadu Sand Dunes (Northern Province of Sri Lanka); Thondamanaru and Jaffna Lagoons (Northern Province of Sri Lanka); Inhabited islands in the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Bay (Northwestern and Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka); Kokkilai Lagoon (Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka); Nayaru Lagoon (Northern Province of Sri Lanka); and Batticaloa Lagoon (Eastern Province of Sri Lanka).


The SGF project concept notes should focus on the following priority thematic focus:

      i.        Reduction of anthropogenic damage to sensitive habitats and introduction of measures for their sustainable use (Manalkadu sand dunes);

     ii.        Promotion of community-based management of sensitive ecosystems/ habitats with special reference to building resilience of coastal communities (all priority geographic areas);

    iii.        Introduction of sustainable livelihood programmes for coastal resource-dependent communities with a view to reduce pressures on coastal resources (all priority geographic areas);

    iv.        Promotion of water resources management that will alleviate water-shortage issues of coastal communities, particularly in semi-arid and arid areas (Manalkadu sand dunes, Thondamanaru and Jaffna Lagoons and the Delft Island);

     v.        Introduction of measures to ameliorate infertile coastal sandy soils in the target areas with a view to improve homestead agricultural production (for communities dependent on Thondamanaru and Jaffna Lagoons and the communities of the Delft Island);

    vi.        Preparation of hydrological and fishery management plans for over-exploited, sensitive lagoons for the benefit of dependent communities (Thondamanaru, Jaffna, Kokkilai and Nayaru Lagoons);

   vii.        Introduction of measures to improve policies and regulations on coastal resources management at local, provincial and national levels (all priority geographic areas);

  viii.        Studies to develop baseline data and environmental and hydrological profiles of ecologically sensitive lagoons (Jaffna Lagoon);

    ix.        Introduction of programmes that will enhance the level of awareness and appreciation of coastal resources, and capacity amongst stakeholders in the target geographic areas to improve the management of coastal resources (all priority geographic areas);

     x.        Promotion of lagoon-based tourism (Batticaloa Lagoon).


Information on guidelines and templates: General guidelines for MFF Grant Facilities can be found at <> , and Sri Lanka specific information at <>. Applicants should submit a Concept Note using the template at  

Submissions: Must be addressed to MFF Sri Lanka National Coordinator, by email, and/or by post through IUCN Sri Lanka, 53, Horton Place, Colombo 7 (Fax: 011 2682470; TP: 011 2682418). More information and hardcopies of guidelines and templates can be obtained from the MFF Sri Lanka National Coordinator and from

The deadline of submission is 16.30, February 25, 2014.




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