Pakistan Call for Project Concepts- Small Grants Facility Cycle III

Location: Karachi, Pakistan. 14th Jul 2013 to 26th Jul 2013

Mangroves for the Future (MFF)
Investing in Coastal Ecosystems

Small Grants Facility Cycle III

Call for Project Concepts

The Mangroves for the Future (MFF) programme is a regional initiative operating in nine countries of Asia Region including Pakistan. MFF-Pakistan invites project concepts from non-government, private sector, community based organisations and academic and scientific institutions to address the coastal ecosystem issues in identified priority coastal areas in provinces of Sindh ( Badin, Keti Bundar, Kharo Chann, Karachi) and Balochistan (Miani Hor, Kalmat Khor) through small scale and short-term (to be completed within one year) interventions.The grant sizes range between US$10000–25000. The grant applications beyond US$10000 will only be considered if these are implemented by two or more partner organizations, with a lead partner clearly indicated.

The SGF will support activities that results in improved social and ecological resilience of local communities through sustainable management of coastal resources and reduced community vulnerabilities to disaster risks. SGF projects should particularly ensure the participation of women and other disadvantaged groups.The proposal should focus on the following priority thematic areas identified within each of the above mentioned geographical priority areas.

  1. Support participatory and co-management actions that promote sustainable management of fisheries resources, help in reducing post-harvest losses and encourage implementation of fisheries regulations.
  2. Support participatory and co-management actions that promote ecological restoration of mangroves through protection, adoption of sustainable grazing practices by camel herders/grazers and promotion of alternate/efficient energy options for coastal communities.
  3. Support local actions that help in community adaptation and reducing vulnerabilities to risks related to disasters, climate change and sea intrusion in coastal areas.
  4. Promote alternate sources of livelihoods for coastal communities.
  5. Support localized actions that contribute to protection of marine environment against pollution, and encourage adoption of sustainable business practices by private sector.
  6. Support initiatives for conservation of species through community based actions, participatory research, advocacy and awareness.

The proposals should strictly follow the revised guidelines for small grant proposals formulation which include eligibility criteria and geographic and thematic priorities. The revised guidelines can be obtained from MFF Pakistan Secretariat through the e-mails given below or downloaded directly from MFF Pakistan website

The proposal concepts should reach to MFF-Pakistan Secretariat by July 26, 2013, through e-mail or on the following address: IUCN-Pakistan, Country Office, 1 Bath Island Road, Clifton,

For more details please contact: National Coordinator or Small Grants Officer, MFF- Pakistan. Tel: 021 35861540, Fax: 021 35835760. e-mail:;