MFF October Newsletter: Celebrating over a decade of building coastal resilience in Asia

MFF Newsletter, October 2018

This newsletter is published by Mangroves for the Future (MFF), a unique partner-led initiative, co-chaired by IUCN and UNDP, to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. 

Feature Story

Video: Mangroves for the Future - A look back


As the latest phase of Mangroves for the Future (MFF) draws to a close, this video highlights some of the project’s most successful initiatives – from local women supporting national park management in Viet Nam to an island in the Maldives that has become a model for waste management, and everything in between.

Watch here


Photostory: Plastic from source to sea

Rivers – particularly those in Asia – act as conveyor belts of waste. In this photostory developed by the IUCN Water Programme, Maeve Nightingale, MFF Capacity Development Manager and Asia Regional Coordinator for the IUCN MARPLASTICCs initiative, shares her insight on the problem.

International Year of the Reef: Joining forces to fight for the health of our oceans

“Collaboration,” “Education” and “Innovation” are three words that summed up a workshop on 20 July aimed at promoting best practices in coastal and marine conservation among the private sector.


Bangladesh shares World Heritage experience with Thailand in South-South knowledge transfer

To help the Thailand Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) learn how to establish a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, MFF arranged for members of the DMCR to visit the Sundarbans site in Bangladesh. Through the visit, the DMCR gained insight into how they can successfully inscribe Thailand’s Ranong Coastal Wetland onto the UNESCO list.

People and Projects

Giving mangroves a voice: One man’s mission to protect the future of Bahak Indah

64 year-old Samsuri has been planting mangroves on Bahak Indah beach, East Java, for 20 years. Through a project supported by MFF, Samsuri and his community group gained attention from the local government, who have turned to him for his expertise to fulfill their own mangrove restoration mandate.

Post-graduate certificate course builds capacity for integrated coastal management in Asia

Over six weeks in June and July, Mangroves for the Future and the Asian Institute of Technology provided 25 staff from training institutions in five countries with knowledge and tools to teach integrated coastal management in the region. 

Community efforts guarantee food and nutrition security in the Seychelles

On an island called Perseverance in the Seychelles, women are leading the community to improve their resilience in the face of climate change. With support from MFF, the community is learning how to establish community gardens, harvest rainwater for irrigation, and compost household waste for fertiliser.

MFF in the News

Coastal Marine Conservation. Is the tide finally a’changin’?

The Phuket News, Thailand: David Jacklin, a journalist with the Phuket News, who attended the International Year of the Reef workshop on 20 July (see News), writes about the event, and places it in the context of the global plastic pollution crisis.

Mangroves: ‘the Earth and humanity simply cannot afford to lose these vital ecosystems’

In this article from the Southeast Asia Globe, written for World Mangroves Day, MFF Regional Coordinator Steen Christensen describes the crucial role of local communities in conservation mangroves.

Summarising Phase 3 of Mangroves for the Future in Viet Nam

Several news websites reported on the MFF Viet Nam national completion workshop, held on 24 August. The workshop, Improving the Endurance Power of Ecosystem and Coastal Community – Sharing Knowledge And Experiences, consolidated MFF Viet Nam’s lessons learned across 30 projects.

In late August, five news outlets in India reported on an MFF training session held for all 600 Drishti lifeguards in Goa. One week later, Drishti Lifesaving was once again in the news, with three outlets covering their rescue of a stranded striped dolphin.

Upcoming Events

Photo and video gallery

Photo gallery: Collaborating with the private sector on coastal conservation

Images from the 20 July workshop in Phuket, Thailand, held to celebrate International Year of the Reef

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