MFF Indonesia Newsletter Q2-2012

Integrated Coastal Management Training by MFF Indonesia with NationalPartner

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia. 25th Jun 2012

Basic Coastal Management Understanding Among Stakeholders as Key Process for National Collaboration. 

Relate with 2012 planning programme, MFF Indonesia has conducted one training for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) which focused on Community Based Development. This community means multi-stakeholder general perception as subject implementer who works in the coastal area. The training was conducted on 25 June 2012 as one day training and begun communication with national mangrove stakeholder which has same concern for the coastal development in IBIS Hotel Jakarta.

ICM training was attended by 20 people from 14 institutions include government institutions, NGOs, Mangrove Expert, University. They are: MMF Indonesia, UNDP Indonesia, Bappenas, Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries (KKP), Ministry of Environment (KLH), Ministry of Forestry (Kemenhut), Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), National Land Agency (BPN), National Survey & Mapping Agency (Bakosurtanal), Ministry of Public Work (PU), Mangrove Expert, WWF Indonesia, Bogor Agriculture University (IPB), National Mangrove Working Group (KKMN). One day ICM training was focused with two agenda with talk about basic understanding and concept as first topic. Second is how to create design communication and simple tool to monitor coastal development and its implementation. Facilitator has used sharing and discussion method among the participants with their experiences and knowledge to collect more detail information and tabulate into one matrix coastal concept.

ICM in Indonesia usually applied by government institutions, NGOs or CBOs which concern about coastal area. But, sometimes they work partially and have their own perspective. For example the understanding from Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has different with concept with Ministry of Environment (MoEn) especially for basic understanding concept for coastal itself. Training with specific topic is one tool for communication and sharing knowledge or experiences among stakeholders who concern in the ICM. It was facilitated by lecture from university whose has background and expertise in the coastal management as well as neutral position to customize one basic understanding about coastal, their components and integration process. Customizing process to have same understanding is key communication result among stakeholders and complies with national regulation. Basic understanding for ICM implementation is basic constructive foundation process which should be allowed and belong to among stakeholder. Then it should be continue synchronizing to regional target.  Prof. Sukristijono as mangrove expert said “this training has constructive process to bridging communication among the national institutions which usually has their own perspective and implementation. MFF Indonesia has facilitated this training and hopefully could be used to strengthening national mangrove working group as well as coastal development”. 

Detail report can be reached at MFF Indonesia secretariat as well as the training materials.



ICM Training for MFF Indonesia & National Partners

ICM Training for MFF Indonesia & National Partners, Jakarta © MFF Indonesia, 2012

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