MFF-UNEP regional project Green Fins goes digital

New global website promotes good work of Green Fins projects worldwide

Location: Asia Region. 3rd Feb 2014

MFF regional project in Maldives and Viet Nam get spotlight as Green Fins launches, a new digital platform featuring best practice in diving industry, and the Top 10 best dive operators applying the Green Fins approach.

“We wanted to build a space that promoted the good work of Green Fins dive centres, and that provided dive operators with support and incentives to keep up the good work," said James Harvey, project manager of The Reef-World Foundation, implementing partner of the UNEP-MFF Green Fins regional project . "We also designed the website to be more interactive, helping tourists make more responsible dive choices. Whether that means tourists choosing Green Fins dive centres, or just demanding responsible practices from diving hosts anywhere in the world, we wanted to make the information accessible for tourists to make more responsible diving choices.” 

Green Fins is an initiative of UNEP and Reef-World to promote sustainable diving practices for the protection of coral reefs and marine life. UNEP and Reef-World are working with Mangroves for the Future (MFF) in Maldives and Viet Nam on a regional project "Promoting marine ecosystems in MFF countries using the Green Fins approach".  

The project unites the diving industry and governments to reduce the impact of the diving industry. Green Fins recognizes that responsible diving as a sustainable form of tourism is not the sole responsibility of the private sector. The new website shows how member dive centres comply with the Green Fins Code of Conduct, on a dive destination basis. Tourists can see how dive centres, local communities, and local government are tackling environmental issues together. The collaborative management of responsible diving inspires all stakeholders overcome local and national challenges within countries applying the Green Fins philosophy.

This website aims to be a platform for sharing lessons, successes and best practice on diving industry standards across the globe. It will help diving tourists to “choose with their fins” and make responsible choices when booking their next holiday. Diving tourists are encouraged to get involved by sending feedback about Green Fins dive centre members.

For more information, please contact or post on the Green Fins Facebook page.

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Green Fins new website screenshot showing Top 5 dive centres applying Green Fins approach

Green Fins new website screenshot showing Top 5 dive centres ... , Asia Region © Green Fins, 2014

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