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Sharing Lessons in Mangrove Restoration

Mamallapuram, Chennai, India 30 Aug 2012

Country: Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Seychelles, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Bangladesh

Topic: Knowledge management and communications

"No mangrove, no crab" will strike a familiar chord with mangrove enthusiasts everywhere not only because it sounds like a Bob Marley ditty, but because it alludes to a popular economic benefit of mangrove ecosystems. Professor K Kathiresan of Annam...    

Dugongs and Seagrasses

Gulf of Mannar 01 Aug 2012

Country: India, Sri Lanka

Topic: Knowledge for Management, Marine Protected Areas

The Gulf of Mannar, a biologically diverse expanse of water between India and Sri Lanka, supports a vast seagrass ecosystem and plays host to the globally endangered Dugong. MFF India and our partners have undertaken a project to document the presenc...    

Champions of the coasts: MFF grantees unite voices for coastal conservation

Bangkok, Thailand 31 Jul 2012

Country: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Asia Region

Topic: Knowledge management and communications, Civil Society Engagement

People and individuals are at the heart of any successful environment conservation activity, and MFF emphasizes on this fact in the way it works. Recently, in Pakistan, a MFF Small Grant Facility project grantee was recognized by the United Nations E...    

Grantees of MFF Small Grants Facility Phase 2 share their lessons learnt with each other

Colombo, Sri Lanka 09 Jul 2012

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Knowledge for Management

Grant recipients of Phase 2 (Round 1) of MFF Small Grants Facility (SGF) met on 9 – 10 July at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 7 to share their lessons learnt over the past 12 months. Phase 2 (Round 1) which commenced operation in January 201...    

Aloe vera - a drink for health and ecosystems

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka 01 Mar 2012

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Sustainable Livelihoods

MFF Sri Lanka revitalizes local health and business with the Aloe vera Herbal Drink, a venture tracing its origins from the Phase 1 SGF project Aloe vera planting project.    

Midterm Review of Phase 2 of MFF Small Grants Facility in Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka 23 Feb 2012

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Knowledge for Management, Sustainable Livelihoods, Civil Society Engagement

The Phase 2 of the Small Grants Facility (SGF) of the Mangrove for the Future (MFF) initiative which commenced operation in 2011 has so far funded 22 projects to be implemented in five coastal priority areas in Sri Lanka. The grants were awarded May ...    

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