Mitigating tourism induced environmental pollution in Nypa wetland

Students attending an exhibition on water pollution

Students attending an exhibition on water pollution, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province © IUCN


  • Mobilizing hotel and homestay owners, tourism companies to raise awareness and take action to reduce the tourism-induced pollution in Nypa wetland area

  • Establishing wastewater treatment mini pilot demonstration model

  • Formulating and enforcing policy/regulations/guidelines on tourism-induced wastewater management


  • The mangroves area in Cam Thanh, Hoi An city is particularly important to the city and the Cu Lao Cham biodiversity.

  • Emphasis on tourism such especially homestay services puts great pressures on the environment, especially wastewater and eutrophication.

Target beneficiaries

Local community who depend on fisheries, aquaculture and tourism


  • Field water survey of waste water and waste treatment status in hotels completed by 14/03/2014
  • Meeting with homestay, hotel and service providers held on 17-18 Feb 2014
  • Training to Riveria Van Lan hotel on waste water treatment and mitigation measures on 15/05/2014
  • 01 campaign undertaken to Thanh Dong Village on 26-27/03/2014
  • Site and technical design for pilot model completed on 06/04/2014
  • Construction work for pilot model started on 28/05/2014 and completed at the end of Aug.
  • The project received the request to replicate the pilot model to two more models, one homestay owner and one noodle producer. The wastewater treatment completed by March 2015
  • Cam Thanh CPC has issued a guidelines on wastewater management for all restaurants, hotels, homestays in the commune to mitigate the pollution to the water resources

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

  • Gender equality

  • Sustainable livelihoods

  • Sustainable business practices

  • Climate change

Project Facts



Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province



1st Dec 2013 to 30th Nov 2014

MFF Grant Amount


Co-financing Partner

Cam Thanh Commune: VND115,000,000 

Kristianstad University (Sweden): VND30,000,000

Action for the City (ACCD): VND117,400,000 

Implementing Partner

Action for the City

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