Community based environmental monitoring system for mangrove-based shrimp aquaculture in Thanh Phuoc Commune, Binh Dai District, Ben Tre Province, Vietnam

Water sample collection area in Thanh Phuoc commune, Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province

Water sample collection area in Thanh Phuoc commune, Binh Da ... , Thanh Phuoc commune, Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province © IUCN Vietnam


The project aims to develop a community based environmental monitoring system for mangrove based shrimp aquaculture in Thanh Phuoc commune, Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province. 


Extensive shrimp farming, one of the main livelihoods in Binh Dai district of Ben Tre province, is considered sustainable since it enables the growth of shrimp while still helps to protect the mangrove ecosystem. However in the past five years the rapid growth of industrial shrimp farming has affected extensive shrimp production because of the discharge of wastewater and mud into the environment. Therefore an environmental monitoring system as well as community commitment are needed to alert farmers on pollution and disease risks in extensive shrimp farming. 

Target beneficiaries

  • 150 people are trained to use monitoring toolkit and collect data from it
  • 90 people join community meeting and consulting on the agreement
  • Community in two hamlets of Thanh Phuoc commune benefit from the monitoring system


  • 5 monitoring points are established in farming areas (based on community and expert’s selection through survey and workshop)
  • 500 handbooks on water sampling and monitoring are printed
  • Announcing monitoring results and recommended solutions for local people through commune radio (4 times/month)

Accomplishments and challenges

One great contribution of the project is limiting epidemics for improving incomes for farmers engaged in extensive shrimp farming in forests; the project has been recognized by Thanh Phuoc commune’s authorities,and meet the expectations and trust of  the local community.

The project receives the attention and active support of the authorities at provincial, district, and (Thanh Phuoc) commune levels. Awareness raising about shrimp diseases, water environmental monitoring and joint management ofwater environment by the community are a solid foundation for the community development of sustainable forest - aquaculture.

The project has helped to build solidarity among local households and close linkage between local authorities and the community. Local leaders have updated information on farming environment to provide in-time recommendations for local people.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

  • Climate change adaptation

Lessons Learned

It is necessary to maintain community meetings to gradually improve the awareness of the people about environmental management and protection.

The consensus of the community is the decisive factor for the establishment of environmental management groups, contributing to epidemic control in farming areas.

For a project to be successful, additional funds should be mobilized from the community in the form of co - financing.

The project needs to find out key staff (leaders of monitoring groups) who are energetic, enthusiastic and responsible for the sake of the community to support the community in environmental management work.

Project Facts



Thanh Phuoc commune, Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province, Vietnam



1st May 2014 to 1st Apr 2015

MFF Grant Amount

VND 306,675,000

Implementing Partner


Representatives Contact: Nguyen Van Buoi

Address: No. 87, 30/4 Street, war 3, Ben Tre city, Ben Tre province

Telephone:(84 75) 3813128


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