Establish a sustainable apiculture model run by women in mangrove forest of Tien Lang District, Hai Phong City

Mangroves forest in Hai Phong

Mangroves forest in Hai Phong © IUCN


Establishing a sustainable apiculture model run by women in mangrove forest


  • Mangrove forest in Tien Lang has been declining since 1960 because of natural causes and human activities

  • Current management model is suitable for local conditions, but cannot address the conflict between conservation and economic interest

  • The project aims to emphasize the role of women in economic and conservation activities, promoting economic and conservation policies in Tien Lang district

Target beneficiaries

  • 30 - 50 local women


  • Project started the survey on local bee farmers (70 households surveyed, 25 households are farming bees, 20 households selected to be provided with financial support)
  • Training provided to 20 households by Bees Research Institute
  • Households were provided with 300 bee schools of good quality and practise raising since April 2015
  • The total harvest to be synthesized from the households and reported in July 2014

Accomplishments and challenges

Challenges were faced due to the lck of commitment from the private sector. The delay in getting approval from the local authority, also resulted in the delay in project implementation. 

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

  • Civil Society Engagement

  • Sustainable Livelihoods

  • Gender equality

Lessons Learned

  • Budgeting should be realistic. 
  • Trainings delivered for farmers should be longer and more detailed. 
  • The project should organize study exchanges to share and learn best practices

Project Facts



Tien Lang District, Hai Phong Province



1st Jun 2014 to 31st May 2015

MFF Grant Amount


Co-financing Partner

Tien Lang Women Union: VND15,500,000

Other contributions: VND307,780,000

Implementing Partner

  • Mr Pham Quang Vinh, Chairman of Phu Vinh LLC

    • Address: No 27 Hai Ba Trung, An Bien, Le Chan, Hai Phong

    • Tel: 031 3631901           

    • Fax: 031 3855579

  • Ms Nguyen Thi Nghia, President of Hai Phong Union of Friendship Organizations (HPUFO)

    • Address: No 15 Tran Quang Khai, Hong Bang, Hai Phong

    • Tel: 031 747865

  • Mr Le Tuan Anh, Director of International Information and Promotion Center (IIPC) - Hai Phong Department of Foreign Affairs

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