Network of Coastal Youth for Mangrove Conservation in Phang Nga Bay

Project members launched an effort to protect terrestrial-mangrove forest of approximately 300 ha.

Project members launched an effort to protect terrestrial-ma ... © GEF SGP Thailand/ Suwimol Serepaowong, 2012.


1) To provide opportunities for youth to play leading role in coastal resources management
2) To identify suitable approach in coastal resources management which is consistent with youth’s role
3) To strengthen and sustain capacity of CBO


Phang Nga Bay Savings Group Network for Social Development: Established in 1998, as a non-registered CBO, with primary objective to promote community saving by women as core leaders. The primary activity focused on community fund management which paved way to other activities, such as, giving assistance to Tsunami-effected victims and participating in coastal resources and environment management. The network participated in campaign to restrain the policy on Sea Title in 2004, and in rehabilitation of Phang Nga Bay and Southern coastal area.

Target beneficiaries

340 out of 835 households in the 12 communities earn living through para rubber plantation, small-scale fishery, aqua culture, and general services for tourism. The per capita income is THB 61,050.


Expected Outputs


Main Activities (กิจกรรม)

Main Anticipated Result (ผลที่คาดว่าจะได้รับ)

1. Building capacity of youth through youth camps on “How to Protect Mangrove”, and study tour on “Youth’s Role and Mangrove and Coastal Resources Protection Mandate”

2. Demonstrating rehabilitation activities

3. Launching dissemination of the project through special events, open forum and art works

1. At least 30 members of youth group gaining insight on rehabilitation of mangrove witnessed by areas of reforestation and demarcation zones for coastal rehabilitation being established and by emergence of plans for mangrove protection

2. Demonstrated increased capacity of youth group and woman mentors on diverse visions/approaches on natural resources management consistent with local context, RE: reviving traditional agricultural practice thus contributing to reduce pressure on marine/coastal resources

3. At least 1,152 member from urban communities understanding the urgencies of mangrove protection witnessed by the number of participants in organized during youth activities

4. The project being incorporated in a district plan for eco-tourism

Accomplishments and challenges

1) Continuous Mangrove forest encroachment caused by promotion of tourism and public infrastructure development remained major issues for the project
2) Extending the network of coastal youth for mangrove conservation in Phang Nga bay thoroughly was challenging
3) Local policy advocacy and a good model on natural resources management by youth group needed to be realized substantially

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Gender equality

  • Gender equality was the main focus of the project implementation while promoting youth participation. In addition, female took the key role as key supervisor of the youth group. 

Lessons Learned

1) Experience possessed by youth and women on natural resources management and community reaction to global tourism would have a value to share with both other communities and organizations
2) Opening or giving opportunity to communities to display their roles/capacities would lead to new found experience and knowledge

Project Facts



Coastal areas of 7 communities in Phang Nga Province and 5 communities in Phuket Province situated in the vicinity of Sirinart and Ao Phang Nga National Park.



19th Jun 2012 to 31st Aug 2013

MFF Grant Amount

298,000 THB

Co-financing Partner

From (งบจาก)

In cash (เงินสด)

In kind (แรงงาน สิ่งของเครื่องใช้ ที่ดิน ฯลฯ)

Ao Phang Nga Saving for Social Development Network



Food Security Programme



Phuket Artist Group



Ao Phangnga Coastal Community Network



Multi- sex Group of Phuket/Phangngna



Mangrove Management Unit 22 (Takauthoong)



Total (THB)



Implementing Partner

Ms. Phanni Chantarachit, Project Leader, 2/1, Moo 4, Tambon Lor Yung, Takuatung District, Phang Nga Province, 82140.

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Network of Coastal Youth for Mangrove Conservation in Phang Nga Bay

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