Holistic Management of Mangrove, Sea Grass, and Otter in Bangla-Sapum Bay

Young residents off Coconut Island who attended youth camps on Mangrove Study.

Young residents off Coconut Island who attended youth camps ... © GEF SGP Thailand/ Suwimol Serepaowong, 2012.


1) To promote collaboration in protection and rehabilitation of mangrove and otters
2) To establish database on coastal resources leading to a more integrated rehabilitation and conservation of mangrove, sea grass, cram habitat and otter
3) To instill conservation awareness and capacity on the value of coastal and marine resources


Phuket Women's Capacity Development Project: Established in 1998, as a non-registered NGO, with the objectives: 1) To promote gender equality in community and in wider public, 2) To encourage socio-economic self-reliance of communities, and 3) To promote participation of women, CBOs and CSOs in coastal resources management. The project has been working with coastal communities in Phuket Province, even before and after the Tsunami. With the completion and lessons learnt of the project in Phase 1 on the otter conservation, followed by successive brainstorming of communities, the project and targeted population agreed to expand to cover more targeted location and population.

Target beneficiaries

450 out of 796 households in the five communities who directly depend upon provisions of the mangrove in the project location. The per capita income is THB 65,770.


Expected Outputs


Main Activities (กิจกรรม)

Main Anticipated Result (ผลที่คาดว่าจะได้รับ)

1. Building capacity through open forum on “Holistic Conservation of Otter, Mangrove, and Coastal Zones of the 3-Tambon Approach and Management”, and youth camp on “ Seeking the Otters”

2. Conducting resources inventories-migrating routes of otter, marine and coastal resources and habitats-by community and youth group members

3. Launching zone demarcating process

4. Launching dissemination of the project through a contest of essay /slogan on “Otters and Mangrove

1. Established link among the three tambons on approaches and cooperation in management of mangrove and coastal resource

2. Acquired one set of data on otter migration routes and habitats

3. Acquired three sets of maps depicting coastal resources status, enabling communities to assess and apply in rehabilitation and conservation on an annual basis.

4. Increased conservation awareness of youth groups witnessed by emergence of two conservation groups in four communities using plays and songs and special events to communicate with public

5. Increased recognition from outsides, project location becoming a learning centre for natural resources protection/management.

6. The project extending to cover additional area of 100-ha mangrove conservation area and targeted communities including youth

Accomplishments and challenges

Due to constraint and nature of organizations, the project was not able to initiate official cooperation among the three Tambon Administrative Organizations, but was able to link the activities at community network and youth groups covering wider area.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Climate change

The project’s goal is to increase an understanding and awareness on natural resource management among community. This is a process to build-up a community’s immunity in order to handle the change in climate in long-term. 

Lessons Learned

1) Since the project location was one with sectorial conflicts and did not receive substantial solution, responsible government and other public agencies were not able to intervene fully. However, otter protection was regarded as one strategy to bring along these agencies to eventually protect the mangrove
2) Using otter as a strategy was consistent with nature of children who were keen to learn and participate
3) Urbanisation and tourism investment are expanding progressively, at least 20 residence campaigns emerged recently, in Phuket. The tourist group would be targeted for future cooperation on natural resources conservation

Project Facts



Coastal areas of 5 communities of 3 sub-districts (Tambon) in Phuket Province, which are situated in mangrove area of Khong Tha Rua Reserve Forest, in the vicinity of Sirinart and Ao Phang-nga National Park.



19th Jun 2012 to 31st Aug 2013

MFF Grant Amount

297,900 THB

Co-financing Partner

From (งบจาก)

In cash (เงินสด)

In kind (แรงงาน สิ่งของเครื่องใช้ ที่ดิน ฯลฯ)

Koh Maphrao and community



Food Security Programme



Par Khlork Municipality, Phuket



Bangla Saving for Social Development group and Bangla Mangrove Conservation Group



Ao Phang Nga Community Network



Phuket Artist Group



Total (THB)



Implementing Partner

Ms. Rattanaporn Jaengjaidee, Project Coordinator, 258/122, Charoensuk Village, Tambon Srisuntorn, Thalang District, Phuket Province, 83110.

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Holistic Management of Mangrove, Sea Grass, and Otter in Bangla-Sapum Bay

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