Conservation of Local Food Source by Eco-cultural Approaches

Baan Ao Kung community were bestowed conservation banner by H.M. the queen and also won a first prize on producing shrimp paste at national level.

Baan Ao Kung community were bestowed conservation banner by ... © GEF SGP Thailand/ Suwimol Serepaowong, 2012.


1. To protect and restore food sources in an integrated manner from mangrove, canals, sea grass, cram habitat and shallow-water reefs
2. To promote collaboration in protection of local food sources
3. To initiate knowledge compilation models on mangrove resources management, based on local practices and consistent with local context


Phang Nga Bay Coastal Fishing Community Food Security Project: Established in 2000, with the objectives: 1) to promote CBOs participation in coastal natural resources, 2) to promote and launch campaign on gender equality, and 3) to encourage socio-economic self-reliance of communities. Targeted population of the organization covers 20 coastal communities in Phuket and Phang Nga Province. With the completion and lessons learnt of the project in Phase 1, followed by successive brainstorming of communities, a new dimension of food security through eco-cultural approaches was identified leading to the project activities.

Target beneficiaries

360 out of 850 households who earn living through para rubber plantation, small-scale fishery, aqua culture, and general services for tourism. The per capita income is THB 73,000.


Expected outputs


Main Activities Implemented (กิจกรรม)

Main Anticipated Result

1. Launching resources inventories, compiling implicit knowledge on “Red Ant Mound”, relevant history and social/culture concerning biodiversity aspect

2. Building capacity through study tours on “Natural Resources Management by eco-cultural approach” followed by a seminar on the same subject

3. Launching rehabilitating activities for the red ant mound

4. Launching dissemination of the project

1. At least 35 core leaders gaining insight required for successful implementation (with at least 14 female, 10 youth members and 11 men), and being capable of criticize and revise natural resources management process of the past

2. Acquired one explicit knowledge piece on “Red Coral Reefs” covering biological, social and traditional management dimension

3. Witnessed increase in catch from the mounds and emergence of one more fishing group

4. Initiated action plan for habitat management based on the knowledge piece followed by a declaration of “Red Coral Reef Area” in project location

Accomplishments and challenges

The international tourism industry was imposing threats to marine & coastal resources making community conservation become more difficult and complicate.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Gender equality

  • The capacity of CBO and women groups was the main driving forces of the project prompting more substantial cooperation and supports from Tambon Municipality and Provincial Administrative Organization.

Lessons Learned

1) Since each location had its own characteristics, situation analysis was of utmost important for forging ahead projects on sustainable use and fair share of natural resources
2) Capacity and persistent will of CBOs to carry out coastal resources management activities were the important foundation for steering, mobilizing and collaborating with other sectors
3) Natural resources conservation by Eco-cultural Approach should be replicated and networked into horizontal and vertical range amongst relevant sectors. Such an approach would provide knowledge and offer a talking point which would eventually lead to a formulation of coastal management plan

Project Facts



Coastal areas of 21 communities in Phang Nga and Phuket Province, which are situated in mangrove area in the vicinity of Ao Phang Nga National Park.



19th Jun 2012 to 31st Aug 2013

MFF Grant Amount

299,500 THB

Co-financing Partner

From (งบจาก)

In cash (เงินสด)

In kind (แรงงาน สิ่งของเครื่องใช้ ที่ดิน ฯลฯ)

Par Khlork Municipality, Thalarng, Phuket



Food Security Programme



Ao Phangnga Saving for Social Development Network



Ao Kung Community



Ao Phangnga Coastal Community Network



To-Be-Number-One Group of Tambol Par Khlork



Ao Phangnga Youth-for-Mangrove Group



Public Health Volunteer Groups of Tambol Khlorngkhian and Loryoong



Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization



Phuket Artist Group



Total (THB)      



Implementing Partner

Mr. Phichet Pandam, Project Coordinator, 12/1, Moo 5, Tung Nang Dam Village, Tambon Kura, Kuraburi District, Phang Nga Province, 82150.

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Conservation of Local Food Source by Eco-cultural Approaches

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