Capacity Building and Improvement of Income Generation to Vulnerable Families living at the border of Manmunai Lagoon through crop cultivation



Household income of selected families depend on Manmunai lagoon increased


  1. The project area is nearly 10 km away from Batticaloa Town bordering the lagoon and is subjected to frequent flooding. Puthukkudirippu, Thalankudah, Manmunai, Mavilankathurai, Chettipalayam, Thethathivu, Mankadu, Kaluthavalai and Kankeyanodai are the villages coming under the project area. Agriculture, crop cultivation, lagoon fishing, small businesses, daily wage labour are the main income generation activities of the villagers. Most of them live in poverty with female-headed families and disable people. The vulnerable communities have the membership in Disable people Organization or Rural development societies or women development societies.
  2. The project facilitates to increase the household income of 80 families who depend on the Manmunai Lagoon. Beneficiaries will carry out home gardening in their own land with support on skill development, fencing and provision of planting materials - seeds.  Skill training on agriculture will be given by the Department of Agriculture and other soil conservation awareness programme will be under taken by specialized resource person. In each training or awareness programme participants will be  25-30 beneficiaries.


1)  Skill training on agriculture to the beneficiaries

2) Providing of necessary garden tools and planting material and development of 80 home gardens

3) Awareness Program on soil conservation

4) Planting trees to prevent erosion

5)Awareness on legal concern by the Divisional Secretariat and the police to the beneficiaries 


Target beneficiaries

80 families


1. 80 home gardens

2. Skills on home gardening and soil conservation methods enhanced (80 beneficiaries).  

Accomplishments and challenges

1. About 70 beneficiaries continue with home gardening.

2. Income of the beneficiaries has increased by 70%.  

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Gender balance is ensured as beneficiaries comprised of both female and male. On knowledge products, a leaflet on agriculture technologies (in Tamil  language) was prepared by the Agriculture Department. 

Lessons Learned

Under the project objective, the first expected result is “the new livelihood activities are introduced to the families depend on Manmunai lagoon”. However on behalf of this livelihood activities, the project addressed only home gardening activity even there are number of income generation activities are interested by the beneficiaries.

If the project is done again, a feasibility analysis should be conducted to find the different livelihood activities with existing home gardening activities to the beneficiaries.

Project Facts



Batticaloa (Villages bordering the Manmunai Lagoon)



21st Oct 2013 to 20th Oct 2014

MFF Grant Amount

LKR 1,942,000

Co-financing Partner

LKR 924,000 (SEDO)

Implementing Partner

Social Economic Development Organization (SEDO)
Mr. T. Thayanandan
Executive Director/President
SEDO, Main Street,Kaluthavalai-01,Batticaloa
Sri Lanka


Tel: + 94  065 2251 349/ 077 6231577

" We are grateful to MFF for the assistance provided" - Ms S Sivapriya, Thethathivu (beneficiary)

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