Planting Pandanus in the coastal belt of Kandakuliya

Planting Pandanus in the coastal belt of Kandakuliya

Planting Pandanus in the coastal belt of Kandakuliya, Kandakuliya, Puttalam © Kumudini Ekaratne, IUCN, 2012


  • Reduce or minimize sea erosion.
  • Beuatifying coastal belt of Kandakkuliya.
  • Awareness raising among fisher societyon sea erosion and its impacts.


The density of fisher families is generaly high in the Kandakkuliya area. Coastal erosion is on the rise and this will have two fold impact on the families; threat to their dwelling and also to livelihoods.

The erosion is mainly due to lack of plants in coastal belt due to clearing of vegetation and sand dunes by Beach seine fishermen to gain more surface area for their activities, heavy winds and storm waves experiences in the area and lack of knowledge on sea erosion.

The project aims to minimize the erosion in the long run throughh planitng 600 pandanus.


  1. Awareness Program for fisherfolks.
  2. Land preparation for planting.
  3. Planting 600 Pandanus
  4. Build protective cage around each plant 
  5. Watering.
  6. Fixing Awareness Boards.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation.

Target beneficiaries

Fisher families in Kandakuliya


  1.  Knowledge of fishermen on factors accelerating sea eroson being enhances 
  2. 520 healthy Pandanus plants  
  3. Erosion in Kandakuliya beach minimized. 

Accomplishments and challenges

  1. 520 of the 600 Pandanus plants survived by the end of the project.
  2. Two awareness programmes for the fishing community and tourist sector on the importance of coastal vegetation held.
  3. 2 awareness boards erected at strategic locations.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

The Pandanus plants will act as a wind barrier and reduce coastal erosion.  

Both men and women in the coastal community will be benefitted.


Lessons Learned

Commencing planting in the monsoon season is important to minimize cost of watering the plants. 


Project Facts



Kandakuliya, Puttalam



1st Aug 2012 to 31st May 2013

MFF Grant Amount

LKR 674,900/-

Co-financing Partner


Implementing Partner

Mr W M C Sugath
Kandakuliya North” Semuthu” Fisheries Cooperatives Society
Kandakuliya (Kudawa)

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