Conserving the resources of Gulf of Mannar

Awareness programme for fishing community

Awareness programme for fishing community , Mannar © Kumudini Ekaratne, IUCN, 2012


  • Minimize man-induced impacts especially from fisheries on coastal biodiversity in the Gulf of Manna
  • Enhance the level of education and awareness on marine biodiversity and provide guidelines for fishermen


The problems at hand were, the use of explosives for fishery; use of monofilament nets; coastal pollution; poor handling of fish; use of unsuitable fishing practices; the killing of the threatened Dugong species; over harvesting of marine resources; and habitat destruction.

The activities performed included the preparation and distribution of awareness leaflets to schools, conducting awareness and educational programmes for fisheries societies and two schools, and setting up of awareness notice boards.

The expected outcomes of this project were, 1) providing protection to coastal and marine resources, 2) bringing about behavioural and attitudinal changes, 3) educating coastal communities on the value of coastal and marine resources, 4) improving quality of life of coastal communities and ensuring sustainability of fishery related activities through conservation.


Target beneficiaries

400 fishermen from 10 Fisheries Co-op Societies.

40 students from 5 schools.


400 fishermen and 40 students enhanced their knowledge on the resources of Gulf of Mannar. 

Accomplishments and challenges

Possible reduction of threats to the resources of Gulf of Mannar. 

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Mainly males took part in awareness programmes as fishing is generally carried out by males.  However, students trained comprised of both males and females. 

Lessons Learned

The need to provide more practical knowledge to enhance awareness by giving them the opportunity to visit sites to get a better understanding of the situation.

Project Facts






1st May 2011 to 15th Apr 2012

MFF Grant Amount

LKR 446,250

Implementing Partner

St Lucia's Fisheries Co-op Society

Pallimunai West,

Telephone           :+ 94 23-2222056

Fax                     : + 94 23-2222056

"I am happy with the outcome of this project". Mr Fugurado, President, St Lucia's FCS

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