"Mangroves for mankind": Rehabilitating mangroves at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman

Aerial view of Roche Caiman Sanctuary

Aerial view of Roche Caiman Sanctuary, Roche Caiman, Mahe, Seychelles © Mike-King Harman 2014, 2014


The main objective is the improvement of an urban wetlands sanctuary at Roche Caiman providing Seychelles with a demonstration site integrating mangrove restoration with community education, showing how mangroves function and how restoring essential habitats elsewhere can be achieved.



This project demonstrated how to recreate a mangrove habitat at an urban site with an artificial setting. The project wanted to demonstrate that the benefits of mangroves can be achieved anywhere on the coast so as to encourage more people to protect remaining habitats.



1. 1 hectare of wetland including both natural restoration and rehabilitated (planted) mangroves

2. Development of training course curricula and interpretive and educational materials

3. At least 100 adults and 40 children from five different target groups from civil society participate in training or workshops and enhance their livelihoods

4. A project management system is in place, with monitoring and reporting protocols

Accomplishments and challenges

MFF's intervention was to profile the site, and study how to make conditions suitable for mangroves. Through Nature Seychelles, the project implementing partner, water flow in the urban sanctuary was made to mimic natural hydrological (tidal) conditions in order to encourage mangrove growth.

The project has also transformed the sanctuary into an area where mangroves thrive. Careful planning was taken to create a landscape that enhanced the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process. Bird life such as herons and yellow bitterns are frequent visitors, and now that Roche Caiman's wetlands is thriving again, Nature Seychelles looks forward to the migratory season when migratory birds arrive at the Sanctuary.

The National Coordinating Body of MFF Seychelles supports the results of "Mangroves for Mankind", and recognizes it as an inspiration for replication. The NCB hopes to bring in more partnerships such as this to achieve the conservation targets in Seychelles.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Three web stories have been written about this project, and can be read at the Nature Seychelles website:

1. Nature Seychelles receives support to rehabilitate mangroves (07 June 2012)

2. Nature Seychelles hosts successful Mangroves Open Day (15 August 2013)

3. Nature Seychelles shares Mangroves rehabilitation knowledge and experience at Workshop (23 October 2013)



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Project Facts



Roche Caiman, Mahe Seychelles



30th May 2012 to 31st Jul 2013

MFF Grant Amount

USD 25000.00

Co-financing Partner

Nature Seychelles (in cash)

Implementing Partner

Nature Seychelles

c/o Mr Nirmal Shah, Chief Executive Officer

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