Strengthening Community-Based Fisheries Management at Miani Hor

Demarcation of area

Demarcation of area © MFF Pakistan


Declare a no take zone/sanctuary in Miani Hor for protection and sustainable management of biodiversity of the area to enhance community based fisheries management practices. 


Fishery is the main economic activity in Miani Hor (Sonmiani area) as it employs more than 95 % of the population of the area. It’s a lagoon system and considering its biological diversity it has been declared as a Ramsar site in May 2001. Miani Hor is being considered as lifeline for fisheries dependent communities. Community is well aware of the adverse effects of overfishing and use of illegal nets. There are other marine resources including mangroves, shrimp, crabs, and wild animals (mainly resident and migratory bird) which are still indiscriminately being exploited. From scientific point of view fisheries management at Miani Hor has received clear attention of users as well as managers for sustainably of resources and it has been realized that fishermen and other stakeholders need to be educated and trained on better management practices.

The project is aimed to develop strategy for use of sustainable gears, raising awareness about fishing gears and for sustainable biodiversity management of fisheries resources. For that purpose involving stakeholders demarcation of one site locally named Safe Doori, 179 ha, will be done as to create No Take Zone/Sanctuary by making it a legally and socially protected in Miani Hor. Management of sustainable biodiversity and use of beach and boat seine will be examined specially and right based management approach will be adopted. Community based watch and ward system will be established and joint resources monitoring will be carried out for developing confidence stakeholders’ knowledge on the benefits of fisheries management through protected areas approach. 

 The project thus will bring a major change in management of lagoon/marine resources. It will also help in developing set of rules, biodiversity list of important biodiversity resources of declared area and same will be published for mass awareness. 

Target beneficiaries

The project helped in the protection and conservation of the fisheries resources of the Miani Hor through a process of sustainable biodiversity management No Take Zone of the Miani Hor Area. Beneficiaries included about 15,000 of the fishermen of the Sonmiani, Damb and Bhera settlements around the lagoon. Fisheries Department will benefit from this initiative that has to play a vital role in the implementation of the No Taking Zone concept.  Indirect beneficiaries  included fish traders, transporters and those involved in marketing of the fisheries products. 


  1. One selected site in Minai Hor demarcated for declaration as Sanctuaries
  2. 179 ha of the area declared as legally and socially protected Sanctuary/no take zone
  3. Community-based watch and ward mechanism established for the fish declared sanctuary
  4. Regular joint resource monitoring of the notified no take area, capacity building and awareness raising of stakeholders local fisher folk communities.

Accomplishments and challenges


  1. Local fisherfolks sensitised towards creation of a fish sanctuary/no take zone in Miani Hor.
  2. An Area of 179 ha of Lagoon has been mapped and demarcated and legally notified as fish sanctuary/no take zone by the Balochistan Fisheries Department.
  3. A community-based watch& ward mechanism has been put in place to monitor no take zone/ sanctuary.
  4. Community endorsed rules have been adopted for the no take zone/sanctuary and disseminated locally in the form of a brochure.
  5. A mechanism of regular joint resource monitoring of the notified no take area has been put in place. Significant improvement in fish and shrimp stocks has been noticed within the no take zone area.
  6. Capacity building and raising awareness of stakeholders and local fisher folk communities in sustainable fisheries management, Eco-DRR.
  7. Project stories published in local magazines and highlighted through media.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Under the project Eco-DRR training was imparted to the participants from academia and local CBOs to strengthen their knowledge and capacity in community resilience, climate change and ecosystem based adaptations for better management of disaster risks. Also, due to establishment of no take zone, the ecosystem structure and functions will be strengthened to make them resilient to the impacts of climate change. The long run improvement of natural resource base due to sustainable management will also contribute to reducing conflicts over resource use in Miani Hor.

The project engaged women folk in mangrove plantation and exposure visits to sensitize them about natural resource management issues, and provide them equal opportunity of participation in project activities.

Lessons Learned

  • Fishermen communities sensitized on marine resources and respecting protected area  and are willing to extend this initiative to establish such other no take zones in Miani hor.
  • Local communities are accommodating to Refugia and also educating fellows on its benefits and future scope.
  • Infrequent species of fish caught during survey.
  • Fisheries department coordinating for regular monitoring of No take zone /Refugia at Miani Hor.

Project Facts



Winder, Tehsil Sonmiani, District Lasbela



15th Apr 2016 to 14th Apr 2017

MFF Grant Amount

PKR 2,003,800

Co-financing Partner

Coastal Association for Research and Development (CARD) 

Implementing Partner

Coastal Association for Research and Development (CARD) 

Mr. Muhammad Anwar

Executive Director, CARD

Coastal Association for Research and Development (CARD) Winder City, Jam Yousif Colony, P.O. Winder, Tehsil Sonmiani, District Lasbela, Balochistan, Pakistan

Tel: 0345-8848305


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