Strengthening Market Links for Sustainable Hau Cultivation and Conservation of the Marshland in Gdh. Fiyori

Reed farmer applying ash to her reed field.

Reed farmer applying ash to her reed field., Fiyoaree © Abdulla Adam


Reed farmers in Fiyoree, sustainably cultivating quality reeds as a way of sustainable livelihood through an efficient and reliable market mechanism.

To establish a sustainable market link for mat weavers in Fiyori.


G.Dh Fiyoaree harbors the marshland where premium quality reed grows which is used for making the traditional mats or Thundukunaa. The marshland is of significant importance to the island for its resilience in terms of controlling flooding from heavy downpours and sea surges. Establishing a business model for reed is of crucial importance for conservation of the area. However, finding market links for the products had always being a challenge and this project addresses this through training locals and establishing links wit private sector namely tourist resorts. 

Target beneficiaries

Reed Growers in Fiyoree island.

Mat weavers in Fiyori, and Gadhoo island.


Community members who are directly and indirectly involved in reed cultivation trained on basic business skills including identification and utilization of existing transport links.

Establish contacts with at least 3 resort in GA, G.Dh atoll to link Fiyoree mat weavers with resort businesses in the region.

Further mat weaving training given for at least 5 newly trained mat weavers in Fiyoree.

Documenting mat weaving patterns for restoring and reviving cultural craft knowledge.

Accomplishments and challenges


Contributed to reviving of a nearly lost art and tradition of mat weaving in Maldives and consequently helped with the conservation of the wetland ecosystem of G. Dh Fiyoree, with immense ecological benefits.

The patterns for mat weaving is documented and published as a book/


Getting the private sector in G.Dh on board to support the project.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Women empowerment, Climate Change Adaptation

Lessons Learned

Challenges in getting the private sector on board in a geographically dispersed atoll. 

Project Facts



G.Dh Fiyoaree



1st Jul 2015 to 30th Mar 2017

MFF Grant Amount

MVR 343,138

Co-financing Partner

Maldives Authentic Crafts Cooperative Society (MACCS)

Implementing Partner

Maldives Authentic Crafts Cooperative Society (MACCS)

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