Promoting locally effective solutions to waste management in GDh. Faresmathoda and Vaadhoo to reduce environmental impacts

Compost piles in Faresmathoda Waste Management Centre

Compost piles in Faresmathoda Waste Management Centre , G.Dh Faresmathoda © Abdulla Adam


1. Support to establish a sustainable waste management system in two islands by replicating the lessons learnt from AA. Ukulhas and R. Ungoofaaru.

2. A sustainable waste collection system established in two islands


The project involves establishment of a functional waste management system in the island communities of G.Dh Faresmathoda and Vadhoo. This is to be achieved through several training and awareness campaigns. As such the working model of AA. Ukulhas that is nationally recognised for its good waste management practices will be replicated in the island.  

Target beneficiaries

Faresmathoda and Vaadhoo island community 


A sustainable waste collection system 

Support to the renovation of existing Waste Management Centre (WMC) by exchanging information from the lessons learnt from AA. Ukulhas Model.

Create awareness of other communities to adopt best practices on waste management

Waste management governance mechanism 

Accomplishments and challenges


Waste Management Centre at G.Dh. Faresmathoda was made functional

The grantee was able to obtain the support and by in of the council and the entire community to segregate the waste from the households, businesses and guesthouses.

Composting of biodegradable waste commenced in the community 

The grantee piloted other methods of composting such as seaweed composting

Many innovative solutions on island waste management are being tested and piloted 


The model could not be operationalised in Vadhoo due to the absence of infrastructure (a waste management centre) however, the training and soft components were conducted.


Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Climate Change 

Lessons Learned

Red Production

Project Facts



G.Dh Faresmathoda and G.Dh Vaadhoo



1st Jul 2015 to 21st Jul 2016

MFF Grant Amount

MVR 374,913

Implementing Partner

Red Production

G.Dh Faresmathoda Council

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