Increasing Awareness on Proper Waste Management

Ahmeed Saleem and his team from DhiFM Radio

Ahmeed Saleem and his team from DhiFM Radio , Maldives © HLi , 2010


The objectve of the project was to increase awareness on sustainable waste disposal by conducting an awareness programme in the island of Hoarafushi, Haa Alif Atoll.


For 480 households in the island of Hoarsfushi,  two waste management centers has been built on two east and west side of the island. The practice has been to dump the unsegregated waste into the waste management centres. There is no mechanism to out flow waste when the waste management centres are full. Increased amount of waste piled up in both sides of the island has created a serious pollution issue.  Waste is currently burned without segregating, thus leading more serious pollution issues.

The only way to minimize the amount of waste generated by the households is through increased awareness on waste segregation and composting. The project aims to decrease the pollution, and protect the beach area of the island (the two waste management centres are built in close proximity to the beach area).
The awareness programmes comprise two workshops/training sessions, distributing leaflets on waste segregation, placing billboards in different parts of the island.

Target beneficiaries

The community of the island of Hoarafushi, with a population of 2204 (as of 2004 census).


  • Conducted two workshops on waste segretation and waste management (the project was stopped after the activity as the implementing NGO was dissolved by the concerned government authority).


Accomplishments and challenges

The project accomplished one component of the intended two activities. The awareness programmes were conducted in the island and leaflets distributed. The project implementing NGO was dissolved after changes in the laws to decentralization policies of the country and many NGOs were dissolved.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

The project was haulted and later ended before all the activities were carried out. 

Lessons Learned

The project was stopped due to changes in the implementing NGO and as the individuals involved could not agree to the terms of the activities. Stronger background checking and especially assessment of implementing capacity of the NGOs is required before the proposals are shortlisted.

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Project Facts



Hoarafushi Island, Haa Alifu Atoll, Upper North Province, Maldives



1st Oct 2009 to 29th Dec 2011

MFF Grant Amount

US$ 8550

Co-financing Partner


Implementing Partner

Ahmed Noori

Haa Alif Atoll Isdharivarunge Jamiyya

Haa Alif Atoll, Hoarafushi Island

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  • Ahmeed Saleem and his team from DhiFM Radio

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