Establish a proper management of waste collection and transportation in 2 populations centres of G.Dh Hoendedhoo and G.Dh Nadella

Dumpsite in G.Dh Nadella

Dumpsite in G.Dh Nadella, G.Dh Nadella © Abdulla Adam


  1. Undertake community awareness to encourage waste segregation and bring a positive behavioural change towards an environmentally friendly culture
  2. Provision of segregation bins
  3. Establish a proper waste collection transfer system from household to the waste collection center established in the two islands.


Currently there is no proper solid waste mechanism established in the target islands. This poses a significant threat to the fragile ecosystem of the islands. In addition, improper solid waste management contribute to climate change due to the production of greenhouse gas from food waste which is found to be the largest component in the waste stream. In addition, to the above mentioned issues, improper solid waste management also cause spread of mosquitoes and contamination of shallow aquifers of the island, the only source of water available in these two islands. It is hoped that collaborative model put forward in the project will help to strengthen the ties with the neighboring community and contribute to environmental conservation efforts in both the islands. 

Target beneficiaries

Hoandedhoo and Nadella island Community 


Properly functioning waste managment in both Hoandedhoo and Nadella

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Solid Waste Management, Capacity Development 

Project Facts



G.Dh Hoandedhoo & G.Dh Nadella



10th Nov 2016 to 10th Nov 2017

MFF Grant Amount

MVR 374,913

Co-financing Partner

Hoandedhoo Island Development Society - HIDS

Implementing Partner

Hoandedhoo Island Development Society - HIDS

Nadella Island Development Society (NIDS)

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