Enhancing the appreciation of Mangroves and its benefits for the local communities

A mangrove ecosystem in G.Dh Hoandedhoo

A mangrove ecosystem in G.Dh Hoandedhoo, G.Dh Hoandedhoo © Abdulla Adam


  1. Gather local knowledge of mangroves in GDh.Nadalla and GDh. Hoandedhoo.
  2. Mapping of mangrove area, biodiversity and determining the water quality and soil properties of mangroves.
  3. Present all collected  data as Geographic Information System (GIS)
  4. Preparation of a tool kit for the students to monitor the area including dominant trees and the birds in the mangroves.


Huvadhoo Atoll is one of the largest atolls in Maldives with unique Mangrove ecosystems. These beautiful Mangrove are in danger due to urbanization, some areas have already become waste dump sites. Other areas have faced deforestation and land reclamation. These changes to the mangroves are causing significant negative impact on the ecosystems.

During harbour construction in G.Dh Hoandedhoo in 2003, sand from the lagoon was dumped into the mangroves using heavy vehicles. Purpose of this was to reclaim mangroves because there was a belief that the mangrove is a breeding site for mosquitoes. However, in South-West monsoon, the adjoining taro cultivation fields got flooded and damaged the taro fields. This made the community realize the importance of mangroves in flood control and drainage of storm water. Thus, the community stood up and pressured the authorities to remove the sand from the mangroves hoping to reverse the damages. Fortunately, restoration works helped to control the flooding of taro fields. Such events can be avoided if mangroves have been thoroughly surveyed and the community is informed about the benefits of Mangroves.

Mangrove in GDh.Nadalla is a freshwater lake which dries up during North –East monsoon but in South –west monsoon, water depth is around one metre.. This mangrove can be developed as community garden and flood control reservoir during heavy rainstorms.  Sadly, the mangrove in Nadella is under threat of waste and deforestation as well.

The project through a series of survey, workshops and knowledge sedimentation activities will work on enhancing the appreciation of mangrove ecosystems among island communities with hopes of conserving them.


Target beneficiaries

G.Dh Nadella and Hoandedhoo island communities.


- Training for community members on undertaking ecological surveys

- Updated Land use plans

- Eco-huts at the mangroves  

- Toolkit on mangrove resources 

- Data and information on significance of the mangrove ecosystems studied 

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Action on Climate Change, Capacity Building 

Project Facts



G.Dh Nadella and Hoandedhoo



21st Feb 2017 to 10th Nov 2017

MFF Grant Amount

MVR 374,990

Co-financing Partner

Island Development and Environmental Awareness Society (IDEAS)

Nadella Island Development Society (NIDS)

Hoandedhoo Island Development Society (HIDS)

Implementing Partner

Island Development and Environmental Awareness Society (IDEAS)

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