Biodiversity Assessment & Ecological Valuation of Huraa Mangrove

Huraa mangroves will undergo a biodiversity assessment & ecological valuation under a small grant facility project in MFF

Huraa mangroves will undergo a biodiversity assessment & eco ... , Huraa, Maldives © MFF, 2014


The main objectives of the project are calculating the existence and the biodiversity value of the present mangrove ecosystem of Huraa and determining the non-marketable service value of the Huraa mangrove ecosystem.  Then to conduct an in-depth study of the mangrove to develop a book on Huraa mangroves that could be used by university students as a reference.


“Biodiversity Assessment & Ecological Valuation of Huraa Mangrove”: A case study of ecological, social & economic perspectives." is a project that mainly focuses on ecosystem services and their valuation. The main rationales behind the project are: 

  • Lack of adequate studies on Maldivian mangrove ecosystems, especially based on the ecosystem services & their valuation. 
  • Most of the publications on Mangroves have general knowledge information & are inadequate to be used as reference materials for university & higher levels of studies. 
  • In spite of some efforts to create awareness about mangroves by the government and NGO’s, Maldivian communities are unaware about mangroves or their economic value & ecosystem services. This unawareness has created little appreciation of the mangrove ecosystems & low efforts to conserve them at community levels.

Target beneficiaries

  • University students & Lecturers (Faculty of Education & Faculty of Science)
  • General public
  • Researchers & Decision makers


  • Establishment of a baseline for Huraa Mangrove valuation.
  • Biodiversity assessment of Huraa Mangrove
  • Valuation of  the ecosystem goods and  services of Huraa mangrove
  • Development of materials in the form of a published text book & newspaper article
  • Dissemination of information

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

Economic Valuation

Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation



Kaafu Atoll, Huraa, Maldives



25th Jun 2013 to 26th Jun 2015

MFF Grant Amount

MVR 375,000.00

Co-financing Partner

Maldivian National University and Marine Research Centre ( In-Kind Co-financing, MVR 465,343) 

Implementing Partner

Faculty of Education, Maldivian National University 

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