Crab Aquaculture & Mangrove Conservation to Support Community Livelihood at Kampung Laut, Central Java

Supporting economic development using aquaculture and mangroves conservation

Supporting economic development using aquaculture and mangro ... , Kampung Laut, Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia © MFF Indonesia & Krida Wana Lestari, 2012


Segara Anakan area especially in Ujungalang  Village is need mangrove conservation. This mangrove conservation can create alternative economic  income by fish and crab aquaculture that can help kampung laut people to increase their revenue. Beside that community empowering at kampung laut especially in Ujungalang Village through the organization participation as one way to make capacity building.


Destruction of mangrove in Segara Anakan area is one of the issues that impact to destruction of  natural ecosystem over there.  Most the people living there depend on the nature. There is no alternative economic to improve the welfare of people there. Fisherman sometimes cannot goes to sea as the tide. Fish catches are declining due to destruction of mangrove is not recognized by community

Segara Anakan is an area that located in Cilacap Residence. It is flanked by two mainland of Java Island and Nusakambangan Island. This site has been set by the government as the development of integrated management system in the context of sustainable development. That provision is base on the consideration that Segara Anakan have a strategic position in development both of ecologically and economically.

The mangrove forest area has a complete composition and forest structure and the largest on the island of Java, which covered 26 mangrove species, such as fires (Avicennia alba), punch (Sonneratia alba), and mangrove (Rhizophora mucronata), were also damaged as a result of silting.

In fact, Segara Anakan is important site to environmental conservation. However, that area are very susceptible to changes both of socially and ecologically. It raises complex issues such as  increasing silt from year to year. Sludge resulting in flooding, sedimentation, decreasing salinity and narrowing the area of marine water. This ecologically damaged area, especially mangrove ecosystem.             

Social impact of physical and ecological changes result in reduction of fish population. This decrease the level of local revenue and changes living pattern of people from fishing communities into society  of farmers. This also resulted in the shift of mangrove forest into agricultural  land. That’s why it is necessary effort to developed an integrated management plan that base on the principles of sustainable development.

Ujungalang village ,District of Kampung Laut – Cilacap , Central Java included in the Segara Anakan. This Village is inhibited by the 1205 head of family are all very dependent on nature (source : Monograph of Kampung Laut District – 2011). There is no economic alternative because of the difficulty of transport and information access. The most people there make mangrove wood to produce carbon.  When mangrove logging is not prevent by people awareness its cause negative impact in ecologically.  The danger impact of mangrove damaged in  Segara Anakan area is coastal disaster.  That Nusambangan Island   is shielded from the waves which turn off to southern part of Java Island.

One of the factors inhibiting mangrove conservation and biodiversity in Segara Anakan Area is lack of public knowledge about the importance of mangrove. the people of there just think that mangrove plant only be taken ordinary stem for sale. Mangroves are often encroached upon the land for open pond blindly without regard to the balance of natural ecosystems. therefore need an understanding of the importance of mangrove on every citizen of kampung laut in addition to improving the welfare program of environmentally sound.

Target beneficiaries


1 . Fishermen, most are members of farmer groups Krida Wana Lestari  50 People

2.  Building Labour group almost 22 people

3.  Farmers seasonal group almost 45 people


Accomplishments and challenges

Livelihood linkages

The target beneficiaries are a group of society who will feel the contribution of the project through the creation of jobs (milk processing business, and development of the mangrove center development can be labor-intensive program).

Local Participation

Local participation is crucial given the realization of this project involves community residents in mutual cooperation for the development of mangrove center and involves a group of women (housewives) and good support from the local bureaucracy village to district level.

Gender equality themes

This project has been integrated with gender equality by involving women in planning, and monitoring program management.

Featured Film - Krida Wana Lestari as one of grantee for MFF Indonesia phase-2

Krida Wana Lestari as one of grantee for MFF Indonesia phase-2, Bogor, West Java & Kampung Laut, Cilacap, Sentral Java, Indonesia © MFF Indonesia & Krida Wana Lestari@2012, 2012

This is short movie about the Small Grants Fund project selection process for MFF Indonesia phase-2. Krida Wana represented by Mr. Wahyono (Head)) and Ms. Utami (Sarinah Center) has explained their proposal concept during the PCM Training on 14-15 May 2012. NCB Indonesia did the field verification at Kampung Laut, Cilacap. Krida Wana was then selected as grantee for MFF Indonesia phase-2 . They will run the project until April 2013. (8months)

Project Facts



Lempong Pucung – Ujung Alang Village, Kampung Laut, Cilacap – Central Java



31st Aug 2012 to 30th Apr 2013

MFF Grant Amount

USD 24,586 (from MFF), USD 9,402 (in-kind from Krida Wana) and USD 2,267 (co-funding from Local Government)

Implementing Partner

Mr. Wahyono

Lempong Pucung – Ujuang Alang Village , District of Kampung Laut, Cilacap –

Central Java

Phone : + 62 81542882803

Miss Sri Utami

Jl. HR Boenyamin No.11 Purwokerto

Central Java

Phone : +62 81808923321

Preserve the environment by protecting the mangrove ecosystem as an area that benefit the livelihoods of Kampung Laut”

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