Improving solid waste and marine litter waste management at community level

Signboard with primary school students in Tuol Torteung commune

Signboard with primary school students in Tuol Torteung comm ... © RUPP


This project aims to improve solid waste and marine litter waste management at community level in Tuol Torteung commune, Preah Sihanouk Province


Waste disposal is one of ongoing activities that can damage coastal water quality, ecosystem and fishery habitats. The impact of waste disposal has led to an increase in the fragility of the coastal ecosystem, public health deterioration, and fishery product decline. In coastal area, solid waste management is still limited, the waste collection service covered only at the provincial town. So far, the research on solid waste management at commune level in coastal area is rarely addressed in Cambodia. So, extensive survey on solid waste disposal should be conducted at commune level to understand about the behavior, perception on waste disposal when solid waste are most likely to be found in marine ecosystem.

People in Tuol Touteung commune of Preah Sihanouk province disposed their wastes in the canals and the waste end up nearby the sea where solid waste is commonly found.

There is neither waste collection service nor the rubbish bins at the commune. The absence of solid waste collection is the main issues which need to be addressed for an effective management. A clear solid waste management mechanism can not only reduce the amount of waste disposal, but also make a huge benefit for community.

Target beneficiaries

All of the 4 villages in ToulToetueng are the beneficiaries when solid waste management system is introduced in the commune. About 30-40% of the total households in commune will directly benefit from the project respectively due to the fact that the pilot of proposed solid waste management system will be installed there and this village will be select for demo site



(a) Current situation of waste disposal will be addressed

(b) Properly pack in properly trash bin in the area

(c) Demonstration site for waste after separated and properly burning site

Accomplishments and challenges

  1. Assessment on current situation of waste disposal
  2. A set of trash bins (16 bins 4 per set) with different color designed for the waste storage and waste separation were provided for the commune.
  3. One burning site established
  4. Two waste management team created and well performed
  5. Good cooperation gained with Preah Sihanouk Provincial Department of Environment, Prey Nub District Council, Toul Toteung Commune Council, local market owner who manage the market’s status including the waste from the market and especially the participation from the villagers.
  6. Community, especially the villagers/sellers get better understanding about solid waste and at least they stop throwing the waste directly into the canal resulting in cleaner water and cut down the waste flow into the sea.


Contributions to cross-cutting themes

The project has engaged some stakeholders especially women, who are the sellers at the local market to join in waste management and responsible waste disposal. 

Lessons Learned

The full active collaboration from the local market owner (small scale private sector) was so important in contribution to addressing the current waste disposal issues;

The agreement between the local commune authority and local market owner to bind them to take responsibility of the project results beyond the project time.

Signboards and trainings on applying 3R (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) with detail of how to reduce plastic waste, extracting benefits from the solid waste and how to make compost fertilizer are very important.

School children education program about the solid and liquid waste management should be considered for integration into the national primary academic program. 

Project Facts



Tuol Torteung commune, Preah Sihanouk Province



1st Jul 2016 to 31st Jul 2018

Co-financing Partner

Royal University of Phnom Penh

Co-finance: 25,500,000 KHR / 6,375 USD

Implementing Partner

Royal University of Phnom Penh

Mr. Ith Saveng, Project Manager, Centre for Biodiversity

Conservation, Royal University of Phnom Penh


Phone: 012-507-492


Contact person:

Mr. Chhin Sophea, Project coordinator


Phone: +855 17-877-377                                                 

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