Protect embankment and adjacent communities of Burigoalini and Munshigonj Unions from cyclone and tidal surge through mangrove rehabilitation

Plantation by Dhaka Ahsania Mission in August

Plantation by Dhaka Ahsania Mission in August, Shyamnagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh © IUCN/Dhaka Ahsania Mission, 2014


  • Mangrove rehabilitation as a soft engineering support to protect coastal embankment
  • Engagement and in kind contribution of the grantee as a civil society organization for mangrove rehabilitation
  • Capacity building of community organization for mangrove protection


Coastal embankment in Shyamnagar is considered important by the community for protection from saline water and tidal surge. Mangrove rehabilitation outside the embankments protects it from erosion. A community group supported by Dhaka Ahsania Mission wants to rehabilitate mangroves from in the tidal mudflat outside the embankment from Burigolani BGB camp to Mirgang area of Munshigonj Union.

Target beneficiaries

Community members organized under 'Federation of Sundarbans Dependent Poor' are direct beneficiaries with access to future non-timber forest resources along with the local government. However, a larger community will be indirectly benefited from the protection services of the mangroves.


  • Mangrove rehabilitated in 16 hectare land with good health
  • Community organization and local government engaged to take care and protect the rehabilitated mangroves

Accomplishments and challenges

More than 16 hectare plantation was done in August-September 2014.

Project Facts



Shyamnagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh



24th Feb 2014 to 23rd Feb 2015

MFF Grant Amount

BDT 1 million

Implementing Partner

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