Ensure pure drinking water through rain water harvesting.

Reservoirs of rainwater provide precious potable water in the dry season in the coastal zone

Reservoirs of rainwater provide precious potable water in th ... , Shyamnagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh © IUCN/M Mizanur Rahman, 2015


  • To ensure pure drinking water of Burigoalini, Munshigonj, Iswaripur and Atulia Union  people of Shyamnagar
  •  To raise the awareness at the community level of potential impacts of climate change and possible adaptation strategies identified at the community level.


This project addresses the acute freshwater crisis in the project site. Rain water harvesting is a poplar adaptive practice. Many units have been established bt government and civil society bu the maintainance system needs to be improved. This project will establish new units and at the same time establish mechanisms for repairing and maintainance of the old rain water harvesting units in the four targeted unions of Shyamnagar upazilla.

Target beneficiaries

The project will contributre to freshwater availability of more than 3000 inhabitants including men, women, children, disabled and other vulnerable groups.



  • 40 old rain water harvesting units repaired (averaging 3000 ltrs each)
  • 10 cement motka’s (10,000 ltrs each) established
  • 3 new Rain Water Harvesting units established (20,000 ltrs each).
  • Five trainings conducted on rain water harvesting unit maintainance, primary health care and related issues targetting women and other primary users of rain water harvesting units.


Contributions to cross-cutting themes

The project prioritizes gender equality and considers geder sensitivity for selection of places for rain water harvesting units.

It will use communications means to aware beneficiaries about the needs and ways of conserving rain water and maintainance of rain water harvesting units.

The project is focused on community resilience buiding to salinity ingress asumed to be caused by climate change.

Project Facts



Atulia, Munshigonj, Iswaripur and Burigoalini Union of Shyamnagar Upazila, Satkhira district. Bangladesh



20th Sep 2013 to 19th Mar 2015

MFF Grant Amount

BDT 1,200,000

Co-financing Partner

Communities of Atulia, Munshigonj, Iswaripur and Burigoalini Unions of Shyamnagar upazilla

Implementing Partner

EADA (Environment and Agricultural Development Association)



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  • Reservoirs of rainwater provide precious potable water in the dry season in the coastal zone
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