Small Grant Facilities

Women beneficiaries were trained for sorting organic waste into compost at Jakarta project site

Women beneficiaries were trained for sorting organic waste i ... , Jakarta, Indonesia © JGM, 2010

The Small Grant Facility is the mechanism though which funds are provided for small-scale projects. Each member country receives funds to establish a Small Grant Facility to deliver projects under two categories: less than US$10,000, and between US$10,000 to US$25,000. MFF also encourages co-financing of these projects, especially by the private sector.

Small Grant Facility projects are an important approach for supporting local action in the form of community-based project activities.

The National Coordinating Body (NCB) in each country has full ownership of the Small Grant Facility, by calling for proposals and selecting the projects for funding. The projects themselves are managed for each NCB by the country office of IUCN or UNDP.

Between 2008 and 2011, more than 80 Small Grant Facility projects were carried out across the MFF region. These focused primarily on supporting NGOs and community-based organizations working to meet the needs of coastal communities. By linking these projects to government agencies, much interest has been generated among officials in scaling up their learning to other agencies and to policy makers. For example, the research-oriented projects in India have encouraged the Ministry of Environment and Forests to provide funds to build upon MFF’s work.



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285 Projects found

The following projects match your filter:

Fuel efficient stove

Fuel-efficient stoves for coastal communities

Location: Puttalam, Sri Lanka

Duration: 1st Jan 2009 to 31st Dec 2009

MFF Grant Amount: US$3,947

Topics: Strategies for Management, Gender equality

Research Team at Khambat

Floristic diversity and natural recruitment of mangrove species in selected mangrove habitats of South Gujarat

Location: South Gujarat, India

Duration: 30th Dec 2008 to 31st Oct 2009

MFF Grant Amount: US$14,998

Topics: Knowledge for Management, Capacity Building, Coastal Governance, Gender equality, Climate change, Knowledge management and communications

Women and Youth working at Arambda nursery

Conserving and regenerating mangroves at Mithapur

Location: Mithapur, Gujarat, India

Duration: 12th Dec 2008 to 31st Oct 2009

MFF Grant Amount: US$8,000 (MFF), US$17,500 (Tata Chemicals Limited)

Topics: Knowledge for Management, Civil Society Engagement, Coastal Governance, Gender equality, Knowledge management and communications

Honey Colletors team in Sundarbans

A critical evaluation of the impacts of alternative livelihood programmes to reduce dependence on the Sundarbans mangroves

Location: Sundarbans, West Bengal, India

Duration: 7th Dec 2008 to 31st Aug 2009

MFF Grant Amount: US$ 10,000

Topics: Knowledge for Management, Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation, Coastal Governance

Release of SDMRI publication

Coral reefs of India – status, threats and conservation measures

Location: Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India

Duration: 29th Oct 2008 to 31st Dec 2008

MFF Grant Amount: US$11,000

Topics: Knowledge for Management, Coastal Governance, Marine Protected Areas, Climate change, Knowledge management and communications

285 Projects

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No. Name Location Countries Start End Amount Type Status
1 Women's Group Empowerment through Mangrove-Based Product Processing Mootilango village, Duhiadaa district, Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo Province Indonesia 2014-05-06 2015-05-05 IDR 196,500,000 SG Completed
2 Women's GroupsEmpowerment through Sustainable Micro-Business Development in Mangrove Rehabilitation Areas Pesantren village is part of Ulujami Sub-District, Pemalang District and about 20 kms from Pemalang. Pelanag is located in eastern of Jakarta (about 250km) Indonesia 2012-08-27 2013-04-27 Total USD 27,800 which breakdown into: USD 25,000.00 (MFF) and USD 2,800.00 (In-kind Mitra Bahari) SG Completed
3 Women’s Group Empowerment to Increase Household Income through Production and Marketing of Mangrove and Fisheries-Based Products in Karanganyar Village, Paiton Karanganyar Village, Paiton Probolinggo, East Java Indonesia 2016-03-02 2016-12-31 IDR 130,005,000 SG Completed
4 Youth Power against Global Warming by Promotion of Seagrass Learning An island of Baan Tung Nang Dum, Phang Nga Province’s Kuraburi District in the Andaman Sea & Baan Tha Pae Yoi, Phang Nga Province’s Kuraburi District, on Koh (island) Prathong of the Andaman Sea Thailand 2013-06-19 2013-08-31 300,000 THB SG Completed
5 “Mangroves are a Must!” Promoting mangrove conservation awareness and education in the face of climate change in the Seychelles Mahé and Praslin islands, Seychelles Seychelles 2009-07-01 2011-02-28 US$25,000 SG Completed