Evaluating and improving the management effectiveness of Thailand's marine and coastal protected areas

Marine National Park Thailand

Marine National Park Thailand, Similan National Park, Phang Nga,Thailand © Siriporn SRIARAM, 2012


A well managed, representative MCPA system in Thailand lies at the heart of achieving a balanced and healthy marine and coastal ecosystem. This project therefore aims to strengthen coastal and marine stewardship in Thailand’s marine and coastal protected areas as a foundation for sustainable development.

This project will support building knowledge, strengthening empowerment and enhancing governance consistent with MFF PoWs and with a number of priorities identified in the National Strategy.



The 21 Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MCPAs) to be reviewed through the project process were identified by DNP and IUCN for the following reasons:

  1. They represent all of Thailand’s gazetted MCPAs;
  2. The majority are spread across the coastal zones and islands of the two MFF focal areas identified in the National Strategy;
  3. They represent a diverse sample of sites. This diversity is essential to ensure that the MEE can identify system-level management issues that are representative of the region and MCPA system as a whole;
  4. They represent logical ecological units;
  5. They align in part with the Andaman complex such that outcomes will support Thailand’s intended World Heritage nomination;
  6. They will significantly augment the work under the SAMPAN project;
  7. They are in an area which attracts high levels of tourism interest; and
  8. They are sites which provide direct and indirect benefits to local people and livelihoods.

Target beneficiaries

Management staff of in 21 MCPA target sites. This project will also contribute to Thailand’s World Heritage aspirations, a factor which will bolster the sustainability of the project.


Project outputs directly contribute to the following project outcomes:

Outcome 1   A tailored MEE system is developed and implemented resulting in improved management of Thailand’s MCPAs as a foundation for sustainable development of coastal areas.


Outcome 2   Capacity is built in DNP on MEE to ensure that adaptive management approaches are fully integrated into Thailand’s routine PA management practices.


Outcome 3   MFF Showcase Sites are established in selected MCPAs to demonstrate best practice and inform national approaches to adaptive management.


Outcome 4   MFF initiative partners learn from the experiences and findings of the Thai MEE project in replicating the approach at different scales across Thailand and the region.

Project Facts



21 Marine protected areas in the coasts of Andaman Sea, Western Gulf of Thailand, and Eastern Gulf of Thailand



27th Apr 2010 to 27th Apr 2012

MFF Grant Amount


Implementing Partner

IUCN Thailand Programme

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