Atlas of Coastal Ecosystems (ACE)


The Atlas of Coastal Ecosystems (ACE),, is a web-based geographic information system and the first attempt to depict the coastal ecosystems of Sri Lanka in digital maps.

The ACE is a living source of map information based upon available secondary information.

ACE Screenshot

The Atlas is intended to serve a diverse class of users, including policy makers, planners, researchers, students and general readers. The Technical Advisory Committee designed the Atlas to be effectively used in planning; hence, the administrative units from the Provincial Council, Divisional Secretary Divisions and Grama Niladhari Divisions will be the main users and sub-divisions for which maps provide information.

Compiling information for the Atlas is a huge task, and requires that progress is made in stages for Sri Lankan provinces with a coastline, namely:

  1. Northwestern Province (NWP)
  2. Western Province (WP)
  3. Southern Province (SP)
  4. Eastern Province (EP)
  5. Northern Province – East (NPE)
  6. Northern Province-North (NPN); and
  7. Northern Province – West (NPW).


The focus of the first stage is the Puttalam District situated in the Northwestern Province. The model for Puttalam district developed in Stage I of the ACE is to demonstrate what is possible and the process that is required in developing the final product. The partnerships and contributions during Stage I will be expanded further to Stage II.

Learn more at the ACE's page.