National Strategy and Action Plan

In general, Cambodia's NSAP outlines the country's priorities that focus on:

  1. Protecting and managing of coastal ecosystems in a sustainable way
  2. Diversifying local people's livelihoods, and help reduce their vulnerability to hazards by supporting livelihoods
  3. Bringing best practices and lessons learned from the grassroots level to the national level to prepare policies for development
  4. Building coastal community resilience to climate change and natural disasters through practical experiences, local knowledge and ecosystems-based adaptation (mangrove replanting and sea grass and mangrove restoration at degraded areas to increase natural resilience to climate change
  5. "Knowledge base recognition" as a mechanism to engage local communities in coastal ecosystems protection and restoration
Cambodia aligns its actions to achieve the MFF Objectives, in particular, through the following Programmes of Work:
  • Building a knowledge base for coastal resource management
  • Promoting environmentally sustainable livelihoods
  • Building community resilience to climate change and natural disasters
  • Ecologically and socio-economically sound rehabilitation
  • National integrated coastal management programs to prevent biological and commercial extinction and optimize the benefits derived from coastal and marine resources 


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Cambodian National Strategy and Action Plan

Signed by H.E Dr Mok Mareth, Senior Minister, 26 June 2013

Author: Executive Board, Mangroves for the Future Initiative in Cambodia

Publisher: MFF

Posted on: 8th Jul 2013


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