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Asia shrimp farmers restock mangrove "supermarket" by going organic

Bangkok, Thailand 01 Feb 2016

Country: Thailand, Asia Region

Topic: Civil Society Engagement, Community Resilence, Financing Coastal Conservation ...

A recent article published by Thomson Reuters Foundation highlights how the introduction of organic shrimp production in Thailand thanks to the Mangroves and Markets (MAM) project, a spin-off of the MFF programme, is stemming mangrove degradation and...    

Blue Bond initiative to protect marine resources launched

Seychelles 12 Jan 2016

Country: Seychelles

Topic: Economic Valuation, Integrated Coastal Planning, Private sector partnerships

Oceans play a significant role in everyone’s lives, but no one is more dependent on them than small, vulnerable and isolated island developing states. Unfortunately, the “deadly trio” of acidification, warming and declining oxygen levels is posing a ...    

Mangrove restoration project empowers Indian fisherfolk community

Karankadu, India 12 Jan 2016

Country: India, Asia Region

Topic: Capacity Building, Capacity development, Community Resilence ...

Depleting fish numbers and competition with bigger fishing companies left Jenitha and her community in Karankadu, India struggling for a reliable source of income. Through a mangrove restoration project supported by MFF, Jenitha picked up new supplem...    

IUCN and MFF highlight importance of sustainable tourism for members of Pacific Asia Travel Association

Bangkok, Thailand 01 Dec 2015

Country: Thailand

Topic: Knowledge management and communications, Private sector partnerships

Sustainable tourism was the focus at the recent PATA Academy, held in Bangkok from December 1-3, 2015. Organized by the Pacific Asia Tourism Authority (PATA), the Academy was attended by PATA members from nine countries in the region, and had the goa...    

Mangroves and shrimp: A comparison of China and Vietnam experiences

Hanoi, Viet Nam 27 Nov 2015

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Capacity development, Private sector partnerships

As part of MFF's Sino-Vietnam Initiative, a workshop in Hanoi and a field trip in Quang Ninh were organized from November 27-28, 2015 for a group of Vietnamese and Chinese mangrove specialists and Quang Ninh provincial officials. The purpose was to c...    

Mangroves for the Future: Engaging the private sector in supporting coastal resilience in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand 29 Oct 2015

Country: Thailand

Topic: Sustainable Business Practices, Private sector partnerships

Two years ago, IUCN, in collaboration with Mangroves for the Future, launched a partnership with Marriott Hotels & Resorts Thailand to support coastal communities and mangrove restoration efforts in Thailand. Mangrove trees were set up in front of th...    

Leaders for Nature is expanding in India

Odisha, India 30 Sep 2015

Country: India

Topic: Capacity development, Private sector partnerships, Sustainable Business Practices

For its latest Master Class, the Leaders for Nature initiative collaborated with Mangroves for the Future to highlight coastal and marine biodiversity issues in India. The goal of the master class was to work towards a government-business-community a...    

IUCN and PATA announce new partnership

Bangkok, Thailand 24 Jun 2015

Country: Asia Region, Thailand

Topic: Private sector partnerships

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) strengthen focus on sustainable tourism in the Asia Pacific region.    

The Business of Mangroves

Ca Mau, Viet Nam 01 Dec 2014

Country: Asia Region, Thailand

Topic: Private sector partnerships, Sustainable Business Practices

Coastal tourism and fisheries and aquaculture are the target industries for a new private sector engagement strategy that has recently been developed for MFF. MFF has long recognized the critical importance of harnessing the financial capacity and en...    

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