Knowledge management and communications


MFF’s results are captured and disseminated strategically through a strong knowledge management and communications component. Knowledge management is the process of identifying, creating and sharing lessons and experiences. In the context of MFF, this means: designing a system that will organize, analyze and distribute the outcomes of MFF processes and practices; synthesizing information gathered through MFF project cycle management; collating scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom; and developing technical guidelines and best practices. Communications supports the sharing of this knowledge by making it accessible and delivering it in a form relevant to MFF’s audiences and stakeholders.

Together, these two disciplines constitute the MFF knowledge platform, a hub for recording and disseminating information that integrates human resources, dissemination channels, learning processes, monitoring and user feedback mechanisms. The platform enhances the flow of information both horizontally among different MFF stakeholders and vertically between the regional, national and project levels. This flow is essential to achieving MFF’s objectives, as well as ensuring results, lessons and best practices are shared widely.

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Kampot, Cambodia 25 Sep 2017

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MFF’s long-standing regional Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) training course was successfully extended to national member countries. From 28 August to 1 September, the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) completed the first national level ICM c...    

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Featured Film - IUCN Asia Strategic Communication for Conservation Workshop

IUCN Asia Strategic Communication for Conservation Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand © IUCN Asia, 2017

In July 2017, 40 conservation practitioners from 13 countries in Asia convened for a workshop on effective communication of conservation issues.

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