MFF Feb Newsletter: Investing in sustainable solutions | Building resilience | Tackling the climate change crisis

MFF Newsletter, February 2017

This newsletter is published by Mangroves for the Future (MFF), a unique partner-led initiative, co-chaired by IUCN and UNDP, to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. 

Feature Story

Nature: the decisive solution for the climate change crisis


This blog, published in Thomson Reuters Foundation News, highlights how MFF harnesses the natural functions of ecosystems and women’s strength in resource management to bring about better solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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News and Events

A look back at 2016: Coastal conservation in Asia

MFF is entering the new year with renewed optimism after making significant progress towards coastal conservation and sustainable development in Asia in 2016.

New low-cost mechanism for investing in mangrove protection and restoration


MFF and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations have designed a new low-cost mechanism which involves local communities to protect mangrove areas and assess carbon stocks.

Rethinking inclusive sustainable coastal tourism in Cox's Bazar


To maintain the beauty of Cox’s Bazar’s golden sand beach, amazing surf, and colorful pagodas, a sustainable approach to tourism is needed. Read more about what MFF thinks can be done to benefit the social and economic development of local communities, without sacrificing their natural environment.

Farmed fish: a nature based solution for increased resilience


Besides encouraging sustainable farming, the Integrated Mangroves Fisheries Farming System, developed by IUCN and M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, is also providing food and generating income for coastal communities in India.

Queens of bees


An MFF Small Grant Facility is helping women of Hai Phong City in Tien Lan District, Viet Nam to conserve mangrove forests and increase their own household incomes by learning sustainable beekeeping.


These four reports, developed by IUCN and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, have been designed to be used collectively to guide the establishment of sustainable financing mechanism for mangrove protection.

People and Projects

Gender equity and participatory development: Portrait of a pioneer (Part 2)

Indra Kertati, Director of Lembaga Pengkaijiandan Pengembangan Sumberdaya Pembangunan Semarang (LPPSP), is championing gender equality in community coastal conservation projects in rural Indonesia.

Road to resilience in Shyamnagar

A project in Bangladesh aims to benefit a community of 1500 by rehabilitating mangrove forests, establishing forest management committees to ensure local community involvement, and creating opportunities to diversify livelihoods.

Did You Know? 

Gender integration is an important strategic approach in MFF. Here are some key facts on gender:

  • Gender is used when analysing the relationship between men and women, and girls and boys, in regard to their different access to power, life opportunities, vulnerabilities and different strategies for change.
  • Gender Equality: women, men, boys and girls have equal rights, life prospects and opportunities to shape their own lives and contribute to society.
  • Gender Equity: the process of allocating resources, programmes and decision making opportunities fairly without any discrimination on the basis of sex, and addressing any imbalances in the benefits available to males and females.
  • Gender Mainstreaming: the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, policy or programme, in all areas and at all levels before any decisions are made and throughout the whole process.

Learn more about MFF's role in empowering women in coastal communities through the MFF Gender Equality brochure.

Upcoming Events

24 Feb

Review workshop and exhibition of MFF Cycle 5 Small Grant Facility projects in Hoi An, Viet Nam

6 Mar

Workshop on dolphin conservation (an MFF initiative) in Goa, India

27 - 28 Mar

MFF Cycle 5 Small Grant Facility projects lessons learned workshop in Trat, Thailand

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