Mangroves for the Future Newsletter April 2016

MFF Newsletter, April 2016

This newsletter is published by Mangroves for the Future (MFF), a unique partner-led initiative, co-chaired by IUCN and UNDP, to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. 

Feature story

Asia shrimp farmers restock mangrove "supermarket" by going organic

With the introduction and promotion of organic shrimp production, the Mangroves and Markets project - a spinoff of the MFF programme, in Thailand and Viet Nam, is working towards restoring mangrove forests, conserving delicate ecosystems and providing better livelihood opportunities for farmers.




Navy to plant a million mangroves for Pakistan


In addition to defending the coasts of Pakistan, the Pakistan Navy has taken upon themselves to rehabilitate threatened mangrove reserves. In association with MFF, the Navy launched a campaign to plant a million mangroves along Pakistan’s coastline on International Day of Forests.  >>

Improved livelihoods and access to affordable, clean energy for Cambodian communities

Koh Kong province is home to the largest mangrove forests in Cambodia. To protect this important mangrove ecosystem, build local resilience and enhance economic growth and food security of local communities, MFF supported three projects that helped communities to diversify their livelihoods, understand the importance of mangrove ecosystems and utilize sustainable biogas-based renewable energy. >>

Mother Nurture

To celebrate International Women's Day, IUCN highlighted the significant contributions women in MFF projects have made towards environmental protection and conservation, and the work that needs to be done in order to achieve gender equity. >>

Coastal ecosystems to benefit from cooperation between DMCR and IUCN

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), Chair of the MFF Thailand National Coordinating Body, and IUCN strengthened their partnership by signing an MOU in January. This MOU allows them to work together to enhance and strengthen coastal community participation in marine and coastal resource management. >>

Featured Project

Increasing income of female-headed families to reduce dependency on Sunderban resources

Female-headed families in Bangladesh are at an economic disadvantage due to limited access to land, and wage and job discrimination. Through an MFF Small Grants Facility project, the economic condition of 100 underprivileged female-headed families were enhanced through alternative livelihood practices. >>

People and Projects

Women of Kraksaan leading the way in mangrove conservation


After receiving training on mangrove and fish-based food processing, a group of women in Indonesia are taking steps towards rehabilitating the mangrove forests they rely on, while earning additional income to support their families.



External Stories

Stunning vistas, pressing threats

An article published in Sri Lankan Airlines in-flight magazine, Serendib, highlights the coastal conundrum Sri Lanka is facing and how MFF is addressing challenges of coastal conservation in the country. >>


Sustainability of MFF small grants in Sri Lanka

A document published recently by IUCN Sri Lanka evaluates the post-project sustainability of 54 Small Grants Facility projects, implemented between 2009 to 2012, in Sri Lanka. >>


Women in coastal conservation

For International Women’s Day, MFF developed an infographic showcasing its gender responsive initiatives/achievements over the years. >>

Watch Out For

Reaching out through communications

MFF strongly believes in the need to communicate and reach out to external key audiences so as to generate more awareness for the programme. In 2016, watch out for:

  • Website homepage revamp: MFF will be giving its website homepage a new look, with a focus on offering a less-cluttered, more dynamic platform that allows readers to find success stories and projects more easily.
  • Social media campaigns: Expect to see more engaging social media campaigns that highlight MFF projects and achievements.
  • Stories of beneficiaries: MFF will bring its readers narrative human interest stories from the ground, featuring people whose lives have been impacted by its projects.

Donor News

Gender equality in development and cooperation


SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) - a core donor to MFF since 2007, recently published a series of stories highlighting the importance of gender equality in development cooperation.

One of the articles "Reducing the 'invisible workload' by providing access to safe drinking water", documents the increase in women's discretionary time in one of MFF's Small Grants Facility project in Bangladesh.




16 May

MFF Donor’s meeting

This meeting brings together MFF donors SIDA, Danida and RNE (Royal Norwegian Embassy) and representatives from MFF secretariat, in order to provide donors with programme updates, present MFF’s strategic direction over the next year, and to determine mechanisms that support coordination of MFF’s activities with donor activities and country work programmes.

17 May


Management Committee meeting

The Management Committee (MC) provides advice and direction to the MFF Secretariat in between annual Regional Steering Committee meetings. Held once a year, MC meetings focus on reviewing progress on follow-up to annual RSC decisions, ensuring effective management and timely implementation of the MFF Programme, and providing strategic oversight in the preparation of new proposals for MFF core programme support in Phase 3.

Photo and Video Galleries

MFF on Bonzour Sesel TV Show (This video is currently in French. A video with English subtitles will be uploaded soon.)

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