Mangroves for the Future Newsletter - Issue 26

1st Apr 2012 - 31st Jul 2012

Welcome !

Our last newsletter featured articles on "Applying knowledge for management", that focused on the actions and interventions that MFF is supporting in the region to promote sustainable, equitable, and effective management of coastal ecosystems. We wrote about how MFF is applying knowledge for action through our Small Grants Facility; products used in disseminating knowledge; and organizations contributing their knowledge for integrated coastal management.

In this issue, we look at "Empowering civil society", via which MFF is strengthening the broader frameworks that influence peoples' investments and actions. We believe that "Civil society engagement" and citizen participation can be powerful agents in making better decisions on coastal ecosystem management.

We hope, as usual, this edition will shed light on MFF actions on the ground that continue to make positive contributions towards encouraging civil society participation, and uniting peoples' voices for meaningful coastal conservation efforts.

We also take pleasure in announcing the launch of our redesigned website This improved version, we believe, will further enhance the user experience and provide a better platform for communication. MFF country editors will be able to contribute to the website content locally and coastal managers and grantees will enjoy the new functionalities which includes a fresh user interface and robust search facility.

We welcome you to visit us on our new website and also on our Facebook page.  Leave us a comment or drop a suggestion.. and spread the good word!



Steen Christensen

Mangroves For The Future

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Regional Activities

MFF projects encourage public participation in coastal management

Bangkok, Thailand 25 Jul 2012

MFF aims to achieve long term solutions that contribute to regional and national efforts that ensure environment issues are mainstreamed in development planning and activities. Hence, bringing together governments, non-government entities and the private sector, local communities and civil society to address the key drivers behind environmental degradation has been the cornerstone of MFF vision and activities. This means that beyond superficially responding to symptoms or mitigating impacts from afar, MFF reaches across all levels to engage stakeholders with conservation on the ground.    

Spreading the good word from coast to coast

Bangkok, Thailand 30 Jul 2012

Mangroves for the Future is fast becoming a vehicle for spreading the word that coastal conservation is a highly engaging and productive activity. Across the region, there are many projects that produce numerous communications and knowledge materials that promote awareness about coastal issues. These materials target different groups in society, such as school children, women, fishers, foresters, coastal managers, and government officials.    

Champions of the coasts: MFF grantees unite voices for coastal conservation

Bangkok, Thailand 31 Jul 2012

People and individuals are at the heart of any successful environment conservation activity, and MFF emphasizes on this fact in the way it works. Recently, in Pakistan, a MFF Small Grant Facility project grantee was recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for his dedicated excellence in local environment work. The award was a result of his organization's work in raising public awareness on coastal conservation through photography.    

Country Updates

MFF Seychelles organizes an event to discuss coastal development issues in and around their communities

Seychelles 11 Jul 2012

In an interaction event organized by MFF Seychelles as part of its Large Projects initiatives, members and representatives of local communities in Main island, Mahe; Takamaka and Beau Vallon districts in the Seychelles expressed their concern and interest on the coastal development issues in and around their communities. The local residents opined on the developmental projects in their communities and enquired about their stake in local decision making.    

MFF Pakistan celebrates World Environment Day 2012

Hyderabad, Pakistan 25 Jun 2012

MFF Pakistan Programme IUCN along with Sindh Coastal Development Authority, University of Sindh, Centre of Environmental Sciences, Mehran University and Sindh Forest and Wildlife Department observed the World Environment day 2012. The event was held at the University of Sindh Jamshoro and attended by a large number of participants from the university, government, NGOs, environmental experts and the media of Pakistan.    

International Conference on The Roles of Learned Societies in Improving the Quality of Life in the Context of Globalization

Bangkok, Thailand 26 Jul 2012

The Royal Institute of Thailand organized an International Conference on The Roles of Learned Societies in Improving the Quality of Life in the Context of Globalization for the Celebrations on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary of 5th December 2011. The speakers included Thanpuying Dr. Suthawan Sathirathai, Chairperson of the Good Governance for Social Development and Environment Institute (GSEI) and the MFF Senior Adviser, Don Macintosh.