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Viet Nam wetlands: selected case studies

Hanoi, Viet Nam 02 Oct 2012

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Knowledge management and communications, Sustainable Livelihoods

The below news are selected case studies implemented by Mangroves for the Future (MFF) and some other projects at IUCN Viet Nam Office.    

MFF India Small Grant Mid-term Review

New Delhi, India 21 Sep 2012

Country: India

Topic: Knowledge for Management, Strategies for Management, Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation ...

The small grant mid-term review is a useful mechanism through which the progress of projects is evaluated and reviewed by the MFF Secretariat, NCB members and MFF partners.    

How the Motorcycle Diaries Inspired Coastal Restoration in South India

Tamil Nadu, India 06 Sep 2012

Country: India

Topic: Civil Society Engagement, Capacity Building, Capacity development ...

In 2002, inspired by The Motorcycle Diaries and armed with over 5000 pamphlets, Dr. Balaji travelled 1200 km by motorcycle to spread awareness of local conservation issues in over 590 fishing villages in Tamil Nadu. He has continued this work over th...    

MFF at the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2012

Jeju, South Korea 06 Sep 2012

Country: Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Pakistan, Maldives, Viet Nam, Bangladesh

Topic: Knowledge for Management, Knowledge management and communications, Coastal Governance ...

Building coastal resilience is a significant component of Integrated Coastal Zone Management throughout the world and one that MFF has had significant experience with throughout the Asian region. On 7 September 2012, more than 40 people from varying ...    

Sharing Lessons in Mangrove Restoration

Mamallapuram, Chennai, India 30 Aug 2012

Country: Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Seychelles, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Bangladesh

Topic: Knowledge management and communications

"No mangrove, no crab" will strike a familiar chord with mangrove enthusiasts everywhere not only because it sounds like a Bob Marley ditty, but because it alludes to a popular economic benefit of mangrove ecosystems. Professor K Kathiresan of Annam...    

MFF India at the Osian Cinefan Flim Festival!

New Delhi, India 07 Aug 2012

Country: India

Topic: Knowledge management and communications

The mangrove film 'Guardians of the Coast' was screened for the public at the 12th Osian Cinefan film festival and highlited the environmental concerns that these ecosystems face    

Champions of the coasts: MFF grantees unite voices for coastal conservation

Bangkok, Thailand 31 Jul 2012

Country: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Asia Region

Topic: Knowledge management and communications, Civil Society Engagement

People and individuals are at the heart of any successful environment conservation activity, and MFF emphasizes on this fact in the way it works. Recently, in Pakistan, a MFF Small Grant Facility project grantee was recognized by the United Nations E...    

Co To Island - No Plastic Bags by 2014?

Hanoi, Viet Nam 13 Jul 2012

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Knowledge management and communications

Co To is an island located 80 km off Vietnam in the Gulf Of Tonkin. On July 12, 2012, after a 2-hour boat ride from Cai Rong, we arrived at the beautiful island of Co To. When we visited two years ago, our first impression was of a mound of rubbish. ...    

MFF Bangladesh outreach celebrates International Day for Biodiversity with children

Rayer Bazar, Dhaka 22 May 2012

Country: Bangladesh

Topic: Knowledge management and communications

The magical world of deep sea creatures, large and small, captured the imagination the students of Jaago Foundation as they celebrated International Day for Biological Diversity 2012 with the MFF Bangladesh outreach team in Dhaka. These children expr...    

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