REDD+ Academy Training Event

Location: Bangkok, Thailand. 22nd Jan 2018 to 26th Jan 2018

As part of the inception phase for the new component of the MFF programme to include mangroves and associated coastal ecosystems in the REDD+ agenda in the Asia region, MFF is organizing a 5-day training course in partnership with the UN-REDD Programme in association with three UN agencies: UNDP, UNEP, and FAO.

Overall Objective of the REDD+ Academy Training Event:

The main purpose of the training is to build a knowledge base for REDD+ readiness and implementation on the ground, with a specific focus on developing capacity to integrate mangrove/coastal forest ecosystems in the REDD+ process. Training participants are made up of  MFF national/regional staff engaged in coordinating and supporting the work of MFF programme and other IUCN staff members from the Asia region. A group of between 20 and 25 people is expected to take part in the training.

The overall expectation is to build capacity and knowledge of MFF secretariat and other IUCN staff from the region in general and to provide the strategic guidance and direction for the project inception and implementation phase of the Norad project under MFF.


Design Process:

The REDD+ Academy will adopt a classic training approach.  The training will provide the main structure and content for the 5-day training to be delivered by Regional Technical Advisors (RTAs) from across the three partner UN agencies (UN-REDD).  MFF is aware that there is a need to tailor some of the content, references and case studies to be discussed within the 12 modules in order to address the uniqueness of mangrove forest conservation and management as compared to that of terrestrial forest ecosystems. In this respect MFF is interested to explore how and where the content of some of the modules/ topics might be adapted to include more of a focus on mangrove forest ecosystems where relevant and to provide resources for external experts if necessary to work with the UN-REDD RTAs to achieve this.  



Around 20-25 participants including nine MFF National Coordinators from; Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam; 5-6 BKK-based MFF staff; plus additional staff from the IUCN regional office and country offices; Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka.


Training Modules:

In total, there are 12 modules developed for REDD+ Academy Training.  An outline of the modules is provided in Annex 1.  The detail training modules or learning journals can be accessed here.


Concept note and agenda:

The five-day training event will take place from 22-26 January 2018. A concept note and agenda and breakdown of the five-day training event is provided here. 


Participants from the training © MFF