Rehabilitating mangroves and beach forests at Khlong Prasong

Community patrol area for beach forest rehabilitation

Community patrol area for beach forest rehabilitation , Thailand © SSereepaowong , 2011


This project aimed to increase community capacity in marine and coastal resource conservation; to build community awareness and knowledge about mangroves and beach forest rehabilitation; and to undertake rehabilitation activities in Koh Klang and Khlong Talu. Its long-term objective was to build knowledge and awareness for the sustainable use of coastal resources in Krabi estuary.


Koh Klang is a village on the small island of Khlong Prasong, 10 km offshore from Krabi town. Covering 1,120 hectares and surrounded by mangroves, the inner area of Khlong Prasong is used for cultivation. Its largely Muslim population subsists on small-scale fishing, rice growing, prawn culture and servicing tourists. Erosion is a noticeable problem on the island’s coastline.
The Environmental Conservation Group of Koh Klang is a local NGO established with support from the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in Krabi. Since 2001 the Group has worked to reduce community conflict caused by competition between tourism businesses.

Target beneficiaries

The project targeted 5,373 people from 903 families on Khlong Prasong, 98% of whom are Muslim and have a yearly income of about US$834. Direct beneficiaries were drawn from 100 families earning a living from farming and small-scale fishing, and 120 dependent on fishing and mangrove forests.


  • Capacity increased for conserving marine and coastal resources, as observed from the community’s ability to formulate strategies and collaborate with other major stakeholders.
  • Production of 500 booklets to promote conservation awareness among youth and community groups in Koh Klang.
  • Planting of 700 mangrove seedlings with community support along Khlong Talu.
  • Planting by the community of a further 13,000 mangrove seedlings on deserted prawn farms covering about four hectares.

Accomplishments and challenges

The community contributed to protecting an islet of mangroves adjacent to Koh Klang. The project also allowed the community to continue managing the “Pa Khlong Lad Yao”, or Lad Yao Canal Forest, established in 2006 by a UNDP small grant project to promote tropical forests.


The propagation and replanting of mangrove plants was affected by dry weather, and constant rains and storms damaged the replanted seedlings.

Contributions to cross-cutting themes


The project raised its profile through an international youth camp, the Wetlands School Network Exchange Event, held in December 2009. At this event, students from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand joined in project activities and planted mangroves.

The project was also featured in a local magazine, Lueang Krabi, published by the Krabi Provincial Administrative Organization. Some of the articles on the project were republished on the website of Wetlands International Thailand.

Climate change

People in some communities on Khlong Prasong piloted a climate change adaptation strategy whereby bamboo piling and concrete drainage pipes are laid along the coast to reduce the force of large waves.

Lessons Learned

Appropriate project timing is important. At certain times of the year (particularly November to February) local people are too busy fishing or farming to play a full part in project activities.
Planting sites must be selected carefully. In some project areas, there was not enough water for planting mangroves between November and April.
The number of seedlings prepared for replanting proved to be insufficient. However, the government’s Mangrove Resources Development Station 26 at Krabi kindly donated enough seedlings to make up the shortfall.

Project Facts



Khlong Prasong, Krabi, Thailand



1st Oct 2009 to 31st Oct 2010

MFF Grant Amount


Co-financing Partner

The Environmental Conservation Group of Koh Klang made cash and in-kind contributions of US$2,834 and US$2,834 respectively.

Implementing Partner

Mr Nont Mee-Larm
Project Coordinator
Environmental Conservation Group of
Koh Klang
118 Moo 1, Khlong Prasong, Muang,
Krabi 81000, Thailand
Tel:     +66 87 2652631

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