Protecting critical habitats for the Praslin near-shore artisanal fishery



The project’s main objective is the Sustainable management of the Praslin near-shore artisanal fishery. It  will support MFF PoW 1 “Improving knowledge for management” since one of the objectives plan to promote science-based management among PFA members. It will also contribute to several of the PoWs under Empowerment (i.e. PoWs 6-10) by encouraging the involvement of fishermen in research and management, as well as PoW 11 “Supporting national coastal programmes” through the project’s contribution to implementation of the Seychelles Sustainable Development Plan (SSDP).This project will also help to build partnerships, which is one of the four main principles of MFF. In this case partnership will be built between the PFA, SFA and conservation organizations operating around Praslin.

Project Facts



West coast of Praslin island, Seychelles



1st Jul 2012 to 31st Oct 2013

MFF Grant Amount

USD 25000.00

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