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MFF and Wetlands International renew Indonesia programme

Jakarta, Indonesia 31 Oct 2013

Country: Asia Region, Indonesia

Topic: Community Resilence, Financing Coastal Conservation, Sustainable Livelihoods

Mangroves for the Future, with the National Coordinating Body of Indonesia, witnessed the signing of a new agreement with Wetlands International (WI) - Indonesia Programme that kicks off new small grant facility projects in the country.    

Planting, protecting, and sharing: three indispensable links in mangroves conservation

Ha Noi, Viet Nam 17 Jul 2013

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Sustainable Livelihoods, Community Resilence, Sustainable Business Practices ...

Training and raising awareness for local community will not be enough to make them protect mangroves and environment. The story below has shown that only when the local people are benefited from nature conservation, they will be willing to protect en...    

Stopping charcoal production in Mui Ca Mau National Park: work without end

Ha Noi, Viet Nam 11 Jul 2013

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Community Resilence, Sustainable Livelihoods

How to protect mangrove conservation from charcoal production if we cannot secure alternative livelihoods for the landless local households ?    

MFF small grant gives 'a sense of importance' to families in Naguleliya Village, Sri Lanka

Naguleliya, Chilaw 01 Jul 2013

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Sustainable Livelihoods, Civil Society Engagement

MFF small grant gives 'a sense of importance' to families in Naguleliya Village, Sri Lanka    

Working with fisherwomen in Xuan Thuy National Park

Bangkok, Thailand 01 Apr 2013

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Capacity Building, Coastal Governance, Community Resilence ...

Every day, hundreds of local fisherwomen enter the mangrove forest in Xuan Thuy National Park to collect shells, mollusks, crabs, and other aquatic products. Although the law prohibits any kind of resource extraction in the core zone, the poor women ...    

Women in Bhitarkanika join the crusade to save mangroves!

Orissa, India 22 Mar 2013

Country: India

Topic: Knowledge for Management, Civil Society Engagement, Capacity Building ...

The Bhitarkanika mangrove sanctuary is the life force for the majority of coastal communities living in the Kendrapara district of Orissa, India. Although the sanctuary serves to protect fundamental ecosystem services and diversity, several communiti...    

Reintroduction of traditional crab traps increases income of fishers in Kokilai Lagoon, Sri Lanka

Kokilai, Sri Lanka 22 Mar 2013

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Sustainable Livelihoods, Sustainable Business Practices

Use of traditional traps have reduced wastage of fishery resources and by-catch. Selective harvest facilitated by traps enables the fishermen to throw the under-weight and gravid crabs back to the lagoon.    

Aloe vera: the wonder plant to save Puttalam Lagoon

Kalpitiya (Puttalam district), Sri Lanka 24 Feb 2013

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Sustainable Livelihoods, Sustainable Business Practices, Gender equality

This article has been previously published in Sunday Times on 24 February 2013. The author is Dr Sriyanie Miththapala, Consultant to IUCN Sri Lanka    

Promoting sustainable feed and biofuel production in community conserved mangroves areas (Orissa, India)

Orissa, India 31 Jan 2013

Country: India

Topic: Knowledge for Management, Strategies for Management, Civil Society Engagement ...

Livestock has long been a mainstay from several coastal communities in Orissa. However, the unregulated browsing of ungulates including goats, cows and buffaloes has taken its toll on the state’s coastal grasslands, commonly associated with mangroves...    

MFF India kick-starts new set of small grant projects

India 01 Jan 2013

Country: India

Topic: Strategies for Management, Marine Protected Areas, Knowledge management and communications ...

Following hot on the heels of the success of cycle II of the small grants facility, MFF India has initiated its third cycle of small grant projects. The selection process was intensive, with the National Coordination Body (NCB) India, chaired by the...    

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