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New farming practices to boost mangrove conservation efforts in Cambodia

Bangkok, Thailand 06 Jun 2016

Country: Asia Region, Cambodia

Topic: Capacity Building, Capacity development, Gender equality ...

With support from Mangroves for the Future (MFF), the coastal fishing town of Koh Kong is attempting to re-focus its workforce back on solid ground. In addition to issues with illegal fishing practices that are depleting fish stocks in nearby Peam Kr...    

IUCN and Thai Union Group launch collaboration to strengthen natural resources governance with coastal communities in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand 25 May 2016

Country: Thailand

Topic: Capacity Building, Capacity development, Climate change ...

Engaging local communities in coastal and marine resources management is key to sustainable development in coastal areas. IUCN and Thai Union Group have launched a collaboration to enhance community capacity and develop a long-term plan for community...    

Improved livelihoods and access to affordable, clean energy for Cambodian communities

Koh Kong, Cambodia 18 Mar 2016

Country: Asia Region, Cambodia

Topic: Capacity development, Sustainable Livelihoods

Koh Kong province is home to the largest mangrove forests in Cambodia, covering over 62,000 hectares and providing local communities with substantial direct benefits such as food and other non-timber forest products, as well as indirect benefits such...    

Women of Kraksaan leading the way in mangrove conservation

Kraksaan sub-district, Probolinggo district, East Java province, Indonesia 26 Feb 2016

Country: Indonesia

Topic: Capacity Building, Community Resilence, Gender equality ...

45-year-old mother of two Tutut Ulfa Rahayu, is a fish farm worker. Tutut is one of many women from Kraksaan sub-district, Indonesia, who acknowledges the importance of mangrove ecosystems to sustain her livelihood, as well as improve her family's we...    

Asia shrimp farmers restock mangrove "supermarket" by going organic

Bangkok, Thailand 01 Feb 2016

Country: Thailand, Asia Region

Topic: Civil Society Engagement, Community Resilence, Financing Coastal Conservation ...

A recent article published by Thomson Reuters Foundation highlights how the introduction of organic shrimp production in Thailand thanks to the Mangroves and Markets (MAM) project, a spin-off of the MFF programme, is stemming mangrove degradation and...    

Mangrove restoration project empowers Indian fisherfolk community

Karankadu, India 12 Jan 2016

Country: India, Asia Region

Topic: Capacity Building, Capacity development, Community Resilence ...

Depleting fish numbers and competition with bigger fishing companies left Jenitha and her community in Karankadu, India struggling for a reliable source of income. Through a mangrove restoration project supported by MFF, Jenitha picked up new supplem...    

Blue Economy for Climate Change Resilience: Towards Partnerships and Collaboration

Bangkok, Thailand 20 Nov 2015

Country: Thailand

Topic: Climate change, Coastal Governance, Community Resilence ...

On 23 November 2015, representatives from 11 countries, experts from international agencies, civil society and NGOs will come together for a thematic consultation on the “Blue Economy for Climate Change Resilience: Towards Partnerships and Collaborat...    

Health N’ Delft: New way of drying fish attracts health-conscious market for Delft Island fishers

Delft Island, Sri Lanka 03 Sep 2015

Country: Sri Lanka

Topic: Sustainable Livelihoods

MFF SGF project introduced a new method of drying fish to fisher women of the Delft Island.    

Building opportunities for fisher-women in Tamil Nadu: the power of micro-financing

Ramnathapuram, Tamil Nadu 23 Mar 2015

Country: India

Topic: Civil Society Engagement, Community Resilence, Gender equality ...

Up to 87% of the poorest households in India do not have access to credit; 380 million are in need of microfinance services. Unequal education opportunities and access to business prospects has resulted in stunted economic security, particularly amon...    

VIETGAP: better livelihoods and a clearer environment

Ha Noi, Viet Nam 20 Jan 2015

Country: Viet Nam

Topic: Community Resilence, Sustainable Livelihoods

Tran Van Van, his wife Nguyen Thi Hong, and their two children live in Kim Trung Commune, Ninh Binh Province where they farm white leg shrimp in 3.5 hectares of pond. Two years ago, after frequent disease outbreaks, they defaulted on a 16 million don...    

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