Promote brand name for local products with the logo of Xuan Thuy National Park - the core zone of Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve

Brand-name product booth in Xuan Thuy National Park

Brand-name product booth in Xuan Thuy National Park © IUCN


  • Increasing economic values of local community’s products by labelling them with Xuan Thuy NP’s logo

  • Effectively developing local products


  • Xuan Thuy National Park provides the local community with valuable resources, but resulting products don’t do well in the market for lacking brand name and certified standards

  • As a result, the local community faces difficulties in maintaining their livelihoods and cannot contribute appropriately to natural conservation and sustainable development in the area

Target beneficiaries

Local community


  • 02 products (honey and mushroom) and 42 local producers selected at the meeting with local producers conducted in June 2014
  • labels (co-labelling with Xuan Thuy logo) being registered and packaging samples produced and used for the selected products
  • product quality management system for honey and mushroom developed and approved by DARD
  • Regulations on labeling management for community has been developed and approved
  • Labeled honey price increase from VND120,000/kg to VND150,000/kg and in high demand. Labeled mushroom increase from VND22,000 – VND28,000/kg, consumption not as good as honey. 

Contributions to cross-cutting themes

  • Sustainable livelihoods

  • Civil society engagement

Project Facts



Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh Province



2nd May 2014 to 30th Apr 2015

MFF Grant Amount


Co-financing Partner

Xuan Thuy National Park: VND23,320,000

Other contributions: VND6,000,000

Implementing Partner

Mr Nguyen Viet Cach - Director of Xuan Thuy National Park

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